[Fixed] Netflix Not Working On Vizio Smart TV

Smart TV is one of the best ways to stream shows on Netflix on a bigger screen with a great sound experience. Streaming Netflix on smart tv gives you a great experience because of a bigger screen and better sound experience. But sometimes there is an error in opening Netflix on your vizio smart tv or the app doesn’t work or the black screen appears after opening netflix on Vizio smart tv. In this article we will give you some solutions to your problem.

Fixing Netflix Not working on Vizio Smart Tv

Get the solutions of Netflix Not working on Vizio Smart TV.  You will be able to resolve this error after applying one of these solutions.

Solution 1: Network Problem

Netflix errors can occur on screen because of your network connection problem. FIrst of all check your network connection and give it a restart and connect your smart Tv with the network again. Check your speed or place the router closer to your tv. Internet connection can resolve your problem. Maybe you will need a high speed internet connection if your speed is too low.

Solution 2: Restart your Vizio Smart Tv

  1. Turn off your Vizio smart Tv.
  2. Remove the plug of your Tv from the power outlet
  3. Restart your modem too by plugging it out and plugging in after 1 minutes. .
  4. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes before plugging in the Tv.
  5. Now Plug in your Tv into your power outlet and Turn it ON.
  6. Connect to your Wifi Network.
  7. Now launch the Netflix Application.

Solution 3: Signing In Again On Netflix App

Sign Out from Netflix app-

  • Open netflix on your Vizio smart Tv.
  • Go to settings in the application and navigate the account option..
  • Search for the sign out option in the bottom and select sign out.
  • Now you have been signed out from the Netflix app.

SIgning in from same email address-

  • Open Netflix app on your Vizio smart Tv.
  • It will ask for you to sign in the starting.
  • Fill your details and select sign in.
  • Relaunch the Netflix app.

Other solution – SIgning in from other account –

  • Follow the same steps for signing in but use a different account this time.
  • Relaunch the application

Solution 4: Restart or Reload Netflix

When the error occurs after launching the application. Close the application and restart it again. Do it 2-3 times if the error keeps on occurring. Restarting the application again also can remove the error.

If the error still occurs read the message of error on the screen check for the problem and select reload. Reloading the application can also remove the error.

Solution 5: Checking For Internet Connection Inside Netflix App

After checking your internet connection if the problem still occurs do this. Open Netflix app on your Vizio smart Tv. Go to settings in Netflix application. Check for the Get help option at the bottom and select it. Now you will see a check for network option after selecting the get help option. Select Check for network optin and it will run a network check for Netflix app. The window will look the same as shown below in image.

As you can see in this image that the network connection is completely fine and it also shows the speed if there are no green ticks then there is a problem in your internet connection. You should contact your internet provider for this.

After doing this check click on the reload netflix option(just below Check your network option). And click ok afterwards.

Solution 6: Checking for Updates

  • press the Menu button on your Vizio smart Tv remote control.
  • It will open TV settings where you can see many options regarding audio,video,network and many others
  • Select System option.
  • After clicking on system Option. You will see Check for Updates on the top. Select it.
  • Update your smart Tv.

Solution 7: Reset Your Vizio Smart Tv

  • keep this step as your last option.
  • press the Menu button on your Vizio smart Tv remote control.
  • It will open TV settings where you can see many options regarding audio, video, network and many others
  • Select System option.
  • You will see a Reset & Admin option at the bottom(as you can see in the image). Select it.
  • after this click on ‘Reset to factory Setting’ Option and a small popup window will open for Confirmation.
  • Select Reset option from this.
  • It will take some time and after that relaunch the application.

These are the Solutions of the error occurring on Netflix app on your Vizio smart Tv. Follow any of these steps or follow other steps if some don’t work for you. Do tell us in the comment section which step works for you.

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