How To Fix MXQ Remote Not Working [5 Methods]

Android OS has brought a tremendous change in technology. With the introduction of android based phones. Conventional phones lose their grasp and now everyone has a smartphone. Android OS is now available on different platforms. Smart TV, Android OS-based laptops and Tablets, and smartwatch.

There are a number of electronic devices available in the market which supports Google’s Android OS. Android OS is an open-source operating system. It means anyone can download it. MXQ Android Box is also a kind of device that can run android apps and stream contents in 4k and high quality. There are different versions of the MXQ android box available in the market.

NOTE: Poor power output or damage in the wire of the MXQ android box can cause issues like this. Most of the power output is why an MXQ box doesn’t turn on. It is the most common solution, by following it there are 90% chances that the remote will start working. Users must get sure by starting the MXQ android Box from the main power button available on the Box. If the Box is starting normally then there is a problem with the power output, damaged wire, or remote.

How To Fix MXQ TV Box Remote Not Working

There are various ways to resolve the issue causing MXQ remote. By following these methods and steps. Users can easily resolve their problems. Here we will talk about some of the best methods to resolve the issue of problematic MXQ remote.  

Method #1. Restart MXQ Box/Clear Cache

Simply try to restart the MXQ box by pressing long on the power button available on the MXQ box. Sometimes android OS malfunction and get hanged and the remote stopped working. Long hours of internet surfing or using the Box can cause it. MXQ box download unwanted cache and unwanted files from the internet and its internal storage start getting full. We already know that the MXQ box comes with limited storage and users can have limited apps in it.

Full storage can also cause a problem in the MXQ box, which seems like the remote of the MXQ box is not working. Restarting the box solves this issue almost all the time. If the MXQ box starts normally and the remote works fine. Users must clean the cache from the internal storage of the MXQ box.

  • Go to the Settings of the MXQ Android Box with the help of a remote.
  • Click on the Storage option from all the available options of setting
  • Now the user will see internal storage and its uses. There will a bar of Cache Memory, click on that.
  • Now the user will see an option Clear Cache. Simply click on clear cache.
  • It will take few seconds. Now the user needs to restart the MXQ box.

After the restart, it will work like new and fast. Internal damp storage sometimes slows down the MXQ box, which is further causing it to hang and freeze.

Method #2. Check Remote’s Battery     

Still after following the above method, the MXQ box restart normally but the remote is not working, the user needs to check the remote. Sometimes the reason behind the problematic remote is the battery. By following these steps, the MXQ remote may start working again.

  • Open the battery cover of the MXQ remote.
  • First of all, check the battery connection if the negative and positive sides are in a proper position. Sometimes wrong battery placement also causes this issue.
  • If the batteries are places perfectly then change the old batteries with new batteries. At a certain point in time, the battery of the remote gets drained out and the remote stopped working. By replacing the batteries with a new one can resolve it.
  • A lot of time drained battery causes the remote to stop working. Even after following the above methods, the remote still does not work then there are few more methods that a user can try to solve the problem.

Method #3. Check The Wired Connectivity

If the wire is completely fine check for the output of electricity and electricity required by the MXQ box. By stabilizer, users can check their output voltage if it is unlatching at the power socket. The socket is damaged or there is some kind of wiring damage in the electricity line. Better call an electrician to resolve it.

Method #4. Unplug The TV Box & Check For Wire Damage

There is a chance that wires get cut by mice and the Box stopped working. Users can also change the wiring of the MXQ box or simply fix the damaged part by re-joining the connecting wire and insulating it with electrical tapes.  

Method #5. Get A New Remote or Use Universal Remote

If all the above methods failed to work. So now it is time to get a new MXQ remote. Hundred percent chances are that the remote is faulty and the MXQ box is completely fine. Users can get a new remote from an Online/offline show or official website MXQ, if available. Also, you can buy devices called “Universal Remotes” that work with a majority of the devices, including the MXQ TV Box.   

Final Words

Before the introduction Android Based smart TV. There were several Android Tv boxes available in the market. MXQ is also an Android TV box, which can turn a conventional TV into a smart TV. There are several ways by which a user can fic his/her remote of the MXQ Android TV box. One or more than one method will surely work and it will resolve the issue of the remote. Although changing the remote can also work. This is all the information we have regarding the solution to the problematic MXQ remote.         

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