Fix HBO Max Not Working on Roku in 2023?

In the current era, everything is going online. There are multiple sources online to watch free and paid video content. Many streaming apps have been launched in last few years which are contributing for providing different categories content for the viewers. These apps require physical media platforms to offer the video content. Roku is such hardware device which allows to stream the media content from different online sources. It’s popular in current time like any Television set.

Viewers can watch the online video content on the Roku device via different streaming apps. HBO is such app. People can enjoy the HBO TV Shows and movies on the Roku device. However, several users have dropped complaints about HBO Max not working on Roku. So here we have collected some methods which you can use to fix HBO Max not working on Roku.

Fix HBO Max Not Working on Roku

You are on HBO Max and just started streaming on it. Just after 10-20 seconds and without crashing the app, you are returning to the Roku’s Homepage. If you are facing such kind of issues, then this article will help you fix the issues on Roku while using the HBO Max. So, let’s start with the tutorial.

How to Fix HBO Max on Roku Not Working

In this section of the article, we will see the methods to fix HBO Max on Roku not working.

1. Unplug Roku and Router

It’s a common procedure for electronic instruments when we find it’s not working fine. So When we see that HBO max is not working on Roku, first thing we can do is – restart Roku device and Router. Unplug both devices from the wall socket and wait for 60 seconds. After it, turn up both the devices by plugging them back in. This process gives a soft reset to device and removes the network issue. If it fixes HBO max not working on Roku, then all good. If not, go to the next solution.

2. Restart Roku

Not all the Roku devices come with the ON/OFF switch except Roku TV and Roku 4. To restart those devices using Remote, follow the steps given below-

Step1: Press the Home button and Select the System option.

Step2: Now search for System restart and select it.

Step3: Choose Restart to reboot the Roku device.

restart roku

Step4: Wait until it is Powered ON again.

Step5: Now check if the problem is resolved or not.

Process to Restart Freeze/Hang Roku Device:

Roku may freeze due to some network issues. So before you restart it, check for the network strength and bandwidth of your internet connection for the smooth restart of the Roku device.

Please follow the steps given below to reboot Frozen Roku device:-

Step1: Press the Home button 5 times.

Step2: Now hit the UP arrow.

Step3: Now push the Rewind button twice.

Step4: Lastly, hit the Fast Forward button two times.

restart freeze device | How to fix hbo max not working on roku

After all these process, Roku will restart. Wait till it come into the powered ON condition and check if the issue has been resolved.

2. Update your Roku device

It has been seen that if the instrument is not up-to-date then it create problem for the user. If your roku device is not updated then you may face problem in streaming HBO Max on it. Follow the steps below to update your Roku device.

Step1: Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button on Roku remote.

Step2: Select the Settings option from the home section.

Step3: Next Go to System and then System update. Check for availability of update. If any update is there, update your Roku device.

check for roku updates

Note: if your Roku device is having a version 9.4.0 or greater, still HBO Max channel is not working properly, then contact to the Roku support for the help.

3. Disconnect the VPN

vpn in roku

I have encountered issue while watching HBO Max on Roku while using the VPN. If you want to stream the HBO Max, you must be within United States or affiliated Territories. You must use use original IP address of network along with the visibility feature. A VPN basically masks your original IP address, so you may face discomfort in watching HBO max. I would suggest you turn off the VPN service, then try to use the HBO Max on Roku device.

4. Clear the Stored Cache

Sometimes, clearing the device cache can sort the big problems in the instrument. You can resolve the loading and formatting issues in the Roku device just by clearing the stored cache from it. Follow the steps given below to clear the cache present in Roku device:-

1. Go to the Home screen of the Roku device.

2. Search for the HBO Max Channel on your device.

3. Now press the asterisk * button from Roku remote.

4. Next select Remove channel.

5. Lastly, reboot the Roku device.

Thus, all the cache data from the Roku device will be removed and HBO max not working on Roku device should be resolved.

5. Reinstall the HBO Max App

Uninstalling and installing back the app to the device is another general solution to resolve the technical glitches within app. You can do the same, and resolve HBO Max is not Working on Roku device issue.

Uninstall HBO Max

Step1: Press the Home button of your Roku remote while keeping the Roku Turned ON.

Step2: Next, go to Streaming Channels and Choose Channel Store.

Step3: Search for HBO Max in the list and press the Ok button from the remote.

uninstall roku

Step4: Finally, select Uninstall and confirm your Selection if prompted on the screen.

Reinstall HBO Max: Method 1

Step1: Go to the HBO max app on your mobile and launch Settings.

Step2: Now go the Devices option and Sign-out of all the devices.

Step3: Next, delete the HBO Max from the Roku device and restart it.

Once the restart is done, Reinstall the HBO Max.

Reinstall HBO Max: Method 2:

Step1: Simply Unsubscribe from the HBO Max subscription.

unsubscribe the HBO max

Step2: Now delete the HBO Max channel from Roku and perform the restart process.

Step3: Now add the HBO Max channel to your Roku device. Hopefully, the issue with HBO max should be resolved now.

Note: If you forget to sign-out the HBO Max from all the devices then it will crash. So, it is recommended always sign-out from all the devices then delete the HBO Max from Roku.

6. Factory Reset and Hard Reset Roku

Just like any other device may require troubleshooting steps such as Factory reset, restarting, reset network connection, etc. Similarly, Roku device might have some issue which can be resolved by these steps.

For Factory Reset process, you can use the Settings option in the Roku device and Hard Reset can be done with the reset key given on the Roku device.

How to Factory Reset roku:

Factory reset is helpful when you want the device back to its original state. Factory reset removes all the associated data with the device. Your device feels like a brand new. It alters the existing settings on the device with the default settings. To factory reset your Roku device, follow the steps:

Step1: Go the Roku’s home screen and select Settings option.

Step2: Go to System>Advanced system settings.

Step3: Choose Factory Reset.

Step4: As you select the Factory reset, a Code will be generated on the screen that you need to put into the box showing on the same screen.

Step5: then Press the ok.

The Complete process may take some time so you have to wait until it’s all done. Once the device is in powered on condition, check if HBO Max not working on Roku problem is solved.

How to Hard Reset Roku

Even after soft hard reset, you are facing problem in your Roku device while using the HBO Max on it, then opt for Hard Reset roku device.

Step1: Search for the Reset label on your Roku device.

(The position and size of the Reset button or pinhole may vary as per the Roku device model.)

Step2: Hold the reset for at least 20 seconds.

Step3: Once the power light start blinking on the device, release the button.

It indicates that the reset is complete. You can start configuring as per your requirements.

What if you the device doesn’t have reset button?

In case the device doesn’t have Reset button or in damaged condition then you can follow the method given below-

  1. Press the Power+Mute button altogether on the Roku device.
  2. Keep holding these two keys and remove the power cord of the TV.
  3. Now re-plug it after the 20 seconds.
  4. When Screen lights up, release these two buttons.
  5. Now reconfigure the device for further use.

 Your Roku device should work fine now.

Final Words:

I hope you were able to fix HBO Max Not Working on the Roku issue. This article is full of solutions for your HBO Max on Roku related problems. Do let us know which method worked for you. In case, you got any query related to this article, don’t forget to bring in our notice by your comment.

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