Fix Firestick Won’t Turn On: 8 Simple Steps to Fix it

Fire Sticks are excellent devices, and it lets you binge a lot of stuff. It also has many uses, but like every technical device, this too shows some problems. If your Firestick isn’t turning on then, you need not worry. This is a prevalent issue that all users have to face at some point in time. It’s very annoying when this happens, especially when it’s time for your favorite content and you are unable to see it. If you face problems operating your Firestick or it is not functioning correctly, this guide is just for you.

firestick won't turn on

How to Identify This Issue?

Some of the significant issues users face with their Firestick are freezing problems, involve application-related errors, audio and visual problems, content crashing, or a completely black screen. Much of these issues can be solved by simply restarting the Firestick. In the maximum time, it is the cure to most of the above problems, or at times you might require a new power cord to make it operational again. But if the problem persists, then there would be some issue in the internals, which physically changing a thread will not help.

Why is Firestick Not Turning On?

Here in this guide, we give you some of the reasons why your Firestick won’t turn on and ways of troubleshooting the problem. If you still find that your Firestick is not operable, you need to contact the customer service or go to your nearest service center. Some issues with internals and motherboard issues can not be physically solved if you don’t have technical knowledge. 

How to Fix Firestick Won’t Turn On?

It’s always better to help experts avoid any further damage to your device and television accord. Follow the below-given methods to fix this error.

Step 1: Verifying Remote pairing

The reason your Firestick won’t turn on is because of your faulty controller. In addition, the remote might not operate as it should because the battery may get drained or due to some broken or damaged parts. There can also be a problem with the Firestick in pairing with the remote. 

Step 2: Checking sound and audio

If you aren’t getting any sound or noise from your television, first check if you have not accidentally turned off the volume option or not. If not, then it can be due to the wrong setup of the audio setting for which your FireStick won’t turn on. If none of the above steps help, you then need to check all the cable connections. 

Step 3: Verifying White Light 

There will be white light if your Firestick is in a stable condition. If not, then check that the indicator is flickering in white color or not. If it is lightning, then check the power cable, whether it is connected to the primary source properly or not. Even if it doesn’t turn on, then there can be some other issues.

Step 4: Checking connections

The issue of Physical Connections can be a possible reason for your Fire Stick won’t turning on. Also, due to overheating of your device due to prolonged usage may fail to operate. When the cable is not connected correctly to the power supply outlet, it shows an error. It can also be due to a loose connection or a sudden power outage that the Fire TV Stick is not working correctly.

Step 5: Checking the Network 

Your Firestick needs to have a speedy and stable internet connection for smooth streaming of shows and movies. If it is connected to Wi-Fi, then it can be the main reason for not turning on. It can happen due to power outages and poor signals due to blockages by walls or other electronic mediums. To solve it, check the router and modem and whether they are compatible with your device or not. Also, make sure your WiFi is pretty close to your Firestick. 

Step 6: Verifying Physical Connections

Firstly check the HDMI port is adequately inserted and it is not loose. Another reason can be due to the low battery of the Fire Stick remote. In that case, you can take in use of an adapter and USB cable to turn your device on

Step 7: Checking the HDMI

If you find an issue with the HDMI, then you may need to change the HDMI port. Then, just disconnect the HDMI hub and try plugging it directly into your tablet or TV. But remember that the HDMI port for connecting the Fire Stick on your Television needs to be connected to the correct input channel on your Television. 

Step 8: Checking the Cable

A possible reason for which your Firestick won’t turn on is due to the cables. You might need long lines of need 1.3, 1.4, which will give proper feedback.

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