Fix Android TV Box Keeps Buffering

Android TV Box is straightforward and offers maximum benefits. Many of the users using a standard television are now switching to using an android box for enjoying those features. It not only provides them with much more streamable content but also provides games and other useful apps. But many users who are using the Android TV box face a common issue. One of the most regular complaints from android box users is that it “keeps buffering.”

So, in this article, we will be talking about a possible reason for this error. Along with that, we will also provide methods to fix Android TV Box keeps buffering. So, let’s start with the reasons that might be responsible for this error.

What causes Android TV box Keeps Buffering?

 Many reasons might cause you the issue of Android TV Box keeps buffering. Below are some of the possible causes for this error:

Slow Internet Connection:

One of the primary reasons for this error is a slow internet connection. Note that using good streaming platforms requires decent internet connectivity. Ensure your internet connection is at least 3-5 MBPS. Suppose it’s not you have to upgrade your plan.

Low Internal Storage:

Another primary reason for this can be low storage. As we already know, streaming content requires a little storage on the device, which uses cache memory to load content. But if your device has no storage to make that happen, you will notice buffering.

Out-dated Firmware:

Using proper firmware which is up to date is also essential. If you are using outdated firmware, it can also cause this problem.

Incomplete Update:

Also, note that an incomplete or not adequately installed update can also cause the apps to become unstable. This can lead to constant buffering and lag.

Due to Virus:

Viruses can also lead to this problem. Make sure you do not install unauthorized applications to be safe.


How to fix Android TV Box Keeps Buffering?

Now you are aware of the possible causes of this issue, and it’s time to guide you towards fixing the Android TV box Keeps Buffering. Let’s get right into it.

Fix #1: Fix the Internet Connection

One of the most common reasons for this issue is a slow or unstable internet connection. So, the primary fix you can use is to check and fix problems with the internet.

Step 1: Check Internet Speed.

  • Open any internet browser installed on your Android TV box.
  • Then head to this website, “,” in case you’re already on a web browser. Tap on this link, and it will take you to the same page.
  • It will automatically start checking the internet speed of your Android TV box.
  • If the connection is slower than 2mbps, you will have to check your plan and see the top speed.
  • If your internet plan has a higher speed, but your ISP is not providing you, consider contacting them.
  • If that also doesn’t fix the problem, then the issue is with your Android TV box. Continue reading and try the following fixes if this one didn’t work for you.

Step 2: Restart your Modem:

  • Power off the main modem which is proving the internet connection.
  • Wait for few minutes (3-5 Minutes).
  • Then turn it on and wait for it to start.
  • Once the modem restarts, check the speed once again using the same speed checker.
  • This will let the modem reset its speed allocation and probably fix your issue.
  • If your problem persists, head to the next fix.

Fix #2: Clear Internal Storage.

Another quick fix can be clearing your storage and removing unwanted apps and data. To do that, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Clear Cache

  • Start your Android TV box and head to its “setting menu.”
  • Now direct toward the “storage” option.
  • Under storage, tap on Cache and click “clear cache data.”

Step 2: Clear Internal Files

  • After that, head to the file manager.
  • Now, check what files are consuming storage.

Once you find them delete such files, and you will have substantial storage available.

Step 3: Delete Un-wanted apps:

  •  After that, go to the settings menu-> Application Manager.
  • Check the list of “installed applications,” if you spot any unwanted applications, tap on it.
  • Now, click on uninstall and then click on “OK.”
  • With this, you will have enough internal storage available. If the issue persists, you can try the next method.

Fix #3: Reset the Android TV Box

If the first method failed and your device is still in recovery mode, a factory reset might solve the problem.

Step 1: Boot into Recovery

  • Turn off your Android TV box.
  • Then at the back, you will find a SPDIF or AV port insert a thin object like a screwdriver there.
  • A tiny button is located here, press the button and start the device.
  • Keep it pressed until you see the boot logo, and leave it once you see the logo.
  • Now you will see the start-up menu. Then you have to go to the recovery screen.
  • If Now, search for an option stating “wipe data” or “factory reset” and tap on it.
  • Now select “delete all user data.”
  • After confirming, your device will restart into bootloader.
  • Now you have to select “reboot system.”

Wait for few seconds your box will recover with the factory setting.

This will reset the box into the factory setting and will most probably fix all the pertaining issues. This will also fix your Android TV box keeps buffering problem.

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