How To Fix Amazon Firestick Unable To Connect To Amazon Services

Amazon firestick is a device that is used to convert a simple Tv into a smart TV. As the technology is updating day by day, we are witnessing advancement in televisions also. Now we have a smart TV, this TV supports android applications and has a plethora of different functionalities. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who still have normal televisions and they are looking for a solution by which they can also use functionalities of android on their TV, and for that Amazon came with a solution. Amazon introduces a device which is called amazon firestick.

Firestick Unable To Connect To Amazon Services

Although amazon firestick runs smoothly on any TV and usually it doesn’t get any kind of problem. But sometimes, owing to some external factors, creation issues arise in the amazon firestick. Owing to the problems with the firestick it gets nearly impossible to watch anything on TV via firestick. One of the most common issues which arise in the amazon firestick is, Amazon Firestick Unable To Connect To Amazon Services. So, in this article, we will have a precise view over different methods to sort out this issue. So let’s get to know about the methods to eradicate the connection issue in amazon firestick.

Fix Firestick Unable To Connect To Amazon Services

Method #1. When It Doesn’t Get Connected To WiFi

Sometimes connectivity issue arises in the amazon firestick and it is unable to establish a connection with amazon services. In this case, we need to make sure that the connection is working fine and the firestick is getting a proper internet connection via the router. In case, the problem persists, you can follow this method to re-establish a connection to connect with amazon services.      

  • First of all, you will need to test your router by adjusting the security setting to check any kind of trouble in the router.
  • If amazon firestick is unable to establish a connection even though checking for trouble thoroughly, hence you will need to go to co Connections > Wi-Fi > Edit Security.
Security & Restrictions
  • If “AES” is selected in the setting mode of the router. It will be tough for your router to establish the proper internet connection.
  • Open the browser in the firestick and go to “” to get access to the router.
Amazon Firestick IP Address
  • Here, you will need to log in as an administrator, enter your login credentials.
  • All the “Type List” of the “Security Settings” will come on the screen.
Firestick Security Settings

Just change the “AES” encryption type to the “TKIP” encryption type and exit from the browser. Try to re-establish the connection to check if this method has worked or not. This method is tested a lot of times and works perfectly in 90% of the connectivity issue.

Method #2. Rebooting Firestick and Network Connections

This is the simplest method and works almost all the time. Sometimes a minute issue can lead us to a complex solution and after trying everything we are left with no solution. In this case, a simple reboot can solve the connectivity issue in the amazon firestick. So, let’s get to know about the steps to reboot the firestick as well as network connections.   

Restart Firestick By Remote
  • Disconnect all the wired connections of the firestick as well as network connectivity from the switchboard. Wait for a while plug back all the devices back into their connection.
  • You can also use your firestick remote to restart your device.
  1. Press and hold the play/pause tab as well as a select tab for 5 seconds to restart the firestick.
    1. Another method by which you can restart your firestick is by navigating to the Fire TV menu and then click on “settings-device-restart. Wait for a while to reboot the firestick and then check the data connectivity.

Method #3. Troubleshoot and Verify Settings and Network Information

This is the most precise method to check any issue in the network connection of the firestick. While establishing a connection with amazon services, if you get an error code “Error Code 13”. Then by following this method, you will surely get rid of this issue and you will be able to re-establish the connectivity with amazon services.

Note– This method will only be helpful when you get error code 13 on your screen while establishing a connection. If you don’t see the error code, it will be better to follow the above methods to resolute the problem.

  • Go to the Fire TV menu and click on Settings.
Amazon Firestick Settings
  • Navigate to the application and click on Manage Installed Applications and then click on Prime video.
Firestick Manage Installed Applications
  • Click on the force stop tab and then clear the data of the Prime Video application.
  • A pop-up will appear which will ask you “Delete App Data”, click on the “delete app data” one more time.
Disney+ Force Stop Clear Data Cache

Important: Clearing app data doesn’t uninstall the application from the firestick, it just clear the old data of the app. Although, after clearing the app data, you may need to enter your login credentials of the application to access it again.

Method #4. Register and Deregister Your Account

This method will let you know the step to register and deregister your account on the firestick to solve the problem of connectivity. You can also fix YouTube not working on Firestick with this method. This method may help you to re-establish a connection with amazon services.

Step 1: Navigate to the File menu and click on “Settings”.

Amazon Firestick Settings

Step 2: Click on the tab “Amazon Account”.

Amazon Account

Step 3: Click on the “Deregister” option.

Deregister Amazon Account

Step 4: Click on “deregister” one more time.

Step 5: A notification will pop up on the screen with a message “Deregistering your fire TV stick”. Wait for a while for the completion of the process.

Step 6: Now click on “I already have an amazon account”.

Register Amazon Account

Step 7: Enter your login credentials and Sign back in.

Amazon Account Details

Step 8: Click on the continue button.

Step 9: In the next step, it will ask you to save your WIFI password, click on yes to proceed.

Method #5. Other Things You Can Do

  • Poor connectivity and low data speed can also be the reason behind the unstable connection. Having a good broadband connection works for apps likes Jio cinema/Hotstar on firestick. Better connectivity and a good broadband connection can solve many of the problems regarding connectivity. Most of the time-poor data speed is the real culprit and we look for the solution somewhere else. You can check your data speed by going to “Speed test” or “local” from your browser. If the speed is above 15Mbps then you don’t need to worry and if you are getting a speed slower than that then you will need to contact the broadband connection provider. A better speed makes the streaming and browsing fast.
  • There’s an operating system, some apps, and some drivers that allow it to connect to your network, display on your TV, and communicate with Bluetooth devices. Sometimes issues in the software can also arise the problem of unstable connectivity and eventually you are not able to access Amazon services. Always check for the app which you are installing in your firestick. Many of the apps are full of bugs and malware. It is better to check for their viability before installing.   

Final Words

Amazon firestick is an amazing device, with the help of a firestick you can turn your conventional TV into an Android TV. The Fire Stick plugs into the TV via HDMI, it has its power adapter that’s plugged into the mains. Switch on the TV, press ‘source’ on the TV remote to HDMI (on which the Fire Stick is plugged in). On the screen, it will prompt for internet connection via WIFI. Once done, it will show you the home screen with a few apps like Netflix, Amazon, etc. It also gives you access to the Amazon store where you can search and download other apps.

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