How to Stream Fios TV on Roku in 2023?

How to Stream Fios TV on Roku

With the latest trend of cord cutting, the Roku devices have become an ultimate streaming device. Roku allows you to stream various video apps including Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and other popular channels on your TV without any additional devices in your home. You can also use it to mirror or cast your phone or tablet screen to the big screen. But what if you want to enjoy Fios TV on Roku? Then here’s how to stream Fios TV on Roku.

Is Fios TV officially available on Roku?

One of the best things about streaming services like Netflix and Hulu is that they can be accessed on almost any TV. Roku has been a very popular platform for many years, but it has never offered official support for Fios TV. Does this mean you aren’t able to stream your local channels? Not at all!  This article will do everything possible to help Fios TV users receive the full broadcast experience when using Roku’s media device.

Things required before you mirror the Fios TV app on Roku?

There are few things to be done before you start the screen mirror process.

For Android:-

Go to Roku settings> system> screen mirroring> screen mirroring mode> prompt/always allow.

For iOS:-

Go to Roku settings> Apple AirPlay and HomeKit> AirPlay and HomeKit Settings and make sure that AirPlay is enabled.

Guide to Get Fios TV App on Roku Connected TV

As we know that Fios TV app is not available for the Roku device, still we have some other ways to stream this app on the Roku. Let’s know about them.

  • Watch Fios TV on Roku from an Android Device
  • Watch Fios TV on Roku From an iOS

Watch Fios TV on Roku from an Android Device

To screen cast the Fios TV app on Roku device from an Android Device, follow the steps given below:-

1. Install the Fios TV app on your Android phone from the Google play store.

Fios TV on Roku

2. Once you download the app, go to Settings on your phone then choose ‘Bluetooth and device connections.’

Fios TV on Roku

3. Next select the option ‘Cast, Multi-screen, or Smart View’ and turn on the cast mode.

Fios TV on Roku

4. It scans the available Roku devices around you, when it shows your device in the list, Tap on it.

5. Earlier we have selected the prompt in screen mirroring mode, you will see a permission pop-up on your TV asking to grant access. Click on “Allow”.

6. Now launch the Fios TV app on your Android phone and sign-in to the app, and start streaming the content you want on the app. It will be visible on your TV screen.

Watch Fios TV on Roku From an iOS via Airplay

If you have an iPhone and want to Stream Fios TV app on your Roku device via Airplay, then follow the steps given below:

However, there are some limitation of Airplay feature as it supports only few Roku devices.

  • Roku Streaming Stick + (3810 and newer model),
  • Roku Ultra (4640 and newer),
  • Roku Streambar,
  • Roku Premiere (3920 and newer),
  • Roku Smart Soundbar, and
  • the latest Roku models.

In case, you got the above models of Roku, feel free to use Airplay feature with your TV.

1. Install the Fios App on your iPhone from the app store.

Fios TV on Roku

2. Make sure your TV is updated. To check, Go to settings> system> system update. If any update available then install it first.

3. Make sure your Roku device and iPhone are connected with the same Wi-Fi connection.

4. Launch the ‘Fios TV’ app on your iPhone or iPad and sign-in to the app.

5. Now Swipe down your iOS device screen from Top Right corner or bottom edge to open the control center.

6. Now Tap on the Screen Mirroring option.

7. Select your Roku device from the list showing on the iOS device.

8. Now Open the Fios Tv on your iOS device and start watching any Video. Your device screen will be visible on the TV screen.

Final Words:

After reading the article you should be clear to install and watch Fios tv on the Roku device. It guides you through the exact process to stream Fios TV on the Roku device.

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