How to Download Facebook Videos and Reels to Watch Them Anywhere?

How to Download Facebook Videos and Reels to Watch Them Anywhere

Facebook is arguably the biggest social media platform in the world. It is famous for its advanced features and the ability to connect and entertain internet users. 

With billions of unique users, Facebook has a diversity you won’t find elsewhere. You see every type of content on Facebook. No matter what you want, if it doesn’t violate Facebook’s content policy, you will get that content there. However, the most liked content type on Facebook includes reels and videos. 

Netizens love reels and videos. They not only watch them but also share them with others to entertain them.

If you are also a videos and reels lover, Facebook is one of the best platforms. Unlike many other social media channels, it allows users to upload audio-visual content of various lengths, making it the best platform for uploading and sharing videos.

However, there is a significant issue with Facebook videos and reels. And that is the unavailability of downloading facilities. It doesn’t allow users to download videos without a third-party tool. 

Although it allows people to save content for later use, that content cannot be viewed without the internet and opening Facebook.

But don’t worry. There are certain solutions to the issue. Let’s look at them!

Best Methods to Download Facebook Videos & Reels

When it comes to downloading videos from Facebook, you have plenty of options. 

Here are the best two of them;

1. Use Online Facebook Video Downloader

After Facebook put restrictions on downloading videos, multiple web-based Facebook downloaders have been developed to help people download Facebook videos. 

These websites used to show users many ads before allowing them to download their favourite videos. However, with time, many websites with similar facilities have been developed to solve the users’ problems. Now there are dozens of web-based Facebook video downloader facilities available online. 

Most of these Fb video downloader websites are reliable, allowing users to download Facebook video of every kind within a few seconds. Moreover, they don’t show any spammy ads that frustrate users. The best thing about these Facebook video downloader websites is that they offer a user-friendly interface that assists them in downloading Facebook videos without hassle. 

Plus, most of these websites provide the facility without charging anything from their users.

These downloaders not only provide video downloading tools or options. They also offer Facebook reels downloader tools for users’ ease. They don’t want their users to go away in despair. So, whether you want to download Facebook reels or videos, web-based tools can do the task for you.

And lastly, these websites mostly ask users about the video quality they need. And they download videos with the quality users want. That’s why these tools have the trust of millions of internet users.

Pros of Web-based Facebook Video Downloaders

  • Easy to use
  • Offer users the chance to select the video quality
  • Quick and efficient
  • Allow users to download various kinds of videos from Facebook
  • Free for everyone
  • Compatible with all types of devices

Cons of Web-based Facebook Video Downloaders

  • Don’t provide a one-click download facility
  • Some tools show a few ads to users

2. Use Video Downloader Software Programs

Apart from web-based tools, you have another great option to download Facebook videos. And that option is video downloading software programs. These programs are designed to download every kind of content from the internet. Whenever users play a video or audio on their devices, their icons appear on a side. Users can immediately download videos by pressing those icons and selecting the quality.

These programs are very efficient and quick in downloading any data. Moreover, a software program allows users to download whatever they want from the internet. For example, using the same programs, users can download Facebook videos, reels, TikTok videos, YouTube videos, PDF files, Audio files, etc.

Although these tools offer many benefits, most users don’t prefer them. The reason is that most of these tools are not free. Users can get them free for a limited time, and after that, they have to pay to continue using them. Moreover, there is another limitation of these programs. These programs cannot be operated on mobile devices. 

Pros of Video Download Software Programs

  • Provide the one-click download option
  • Very easy to use
  • Faster than many other options
  • Allow users to download various kinds of data

Cons of Video Download Software Programs

  • Not free to use
  • Not compatible with mobile devices


Downloading Facebook videos isn’t as difficult these days as it was a few years ago. Different websites and software programs have made it much simpler than ever. 

Moreover, using them is also very simple for everyone. No one needs to learn anything before using these tools. They can quickly download videos to their devices and watch them anywhere they want without an internet connection. 

Apart from that, they can also share those videos with their mates.

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