How to Download Exodus on MXQ Box?

In this rapidly changing world, none of us has time to sit in front of our television sets and wait for our favorite shows to air live and then for us to enjoy the content. In this age of fast technological advancements and growth, we want a more accessible, convenient, and less time-consuming method to stream our favorite shows and movies and watch them whenever we want them, from the comfort of our homes. One such device designed to make this happen an MXQ Box.

What is Exodus Add-on?

Before downloading, let us first know what an Exodus add-on is and what can it do?

Exodus is an add-on for your MXQ android box. Exodus is, to date, the best industry-grade add-on due to the wide range of services it provides to its users. From its enormous movie platforms to kids shows, from regional programs to overseas content, documentaries, literally everything. 

How to download Exodus Kodi?

Now I will discuss with you two methods of downloading Kodi repositories with detailed steps. But before doing that, you must know that having a VPN pre-installed is of utmost importance because while you stream for free high chances are there that you may get yourself tracked or reveal your location.  If you haven’t installed one, then install it and then begin downloading Exodus. 

Method 1 of 2: Installation Exodus Kodi (Exodus Redux)

This step is for Exodus Redux, a free version, but you need to have a VPN to access geo-restricted content. Given below is another method to install an Exodus paid version.

Step 1:  Start by launching Kodi media player and navigating to settings. 

Step 2: Then select system options. 

Step 3: Then press on Add-ons and click to enable from unknown sources.

Step 4: When the message pops up, click yes to confirm. 

Step 5:Now take a step back and go to the settings menu, and press on file managers.

Step 6: Then double-click on the add source.

Step 7: You will see a dialog box will open, click None.

Step 8: Next, enter the URL and press ok to confirm it.

Step 9: Next, enter the name with the help of an on-screen or physical keyboard, i.e., IAC and again press ok to close the box.

Step 10:Then again,  go a step back to the settings and press add-on.

Step 11: Then select install from the Zip file.

Step 12: Then, a box will pop up where you need to click over IAC and press ok.

Step 13: Now, press over and wait for the completion of the installation process. 

Step 14: Once successfully installed, click on install from repository. 

Step 15: Then search for and click on Exodus Repo.

Step 16: Next step follows by selecting Video Add-ons and clicking on Exodus Redux.

Step 17: Next, click install. 

Step 18: Next, click on Exodus Redux Repo Version 2.0.3a

Step 19: Finally, press Ok to complete the whole procedure. 

Method 2 of 2: Exodus Kodi (Super Repo Version)

This is another way of downloading an Exodus add-on. The only difference from the previous one is that it is not free and you have to pay a monthly subscription. 

Step 1:Start the process by navigating to the Kodi media player and then go to settings. 

Step 2: Then select the system settings option from there.

Step 3: Then press on Add-ons and then enable the unknown sources option.

Step 4: Next, click yes when the message pops up to confirm.

Step 5: From here, you need to go one step back to the settings menu and click on the option of file manager. 

Step 6:Next double click on the Add-on source

Step 7:A box will pop open and click none.

Step 8:Next type this URL with a physical or on-screen keyboard and press ok

Step 9:Then enter the name Super Repo and click ok to close this dialog box.

Step 10: Again, go a step back to the settings menu and press on add-ons.

Step 11:Then select for installation from the Zip file.

Step 12:A dialog box will pop open when. you need to click on Super Repo

Step 13:Next, press on all folders.

Step 14:Then click on all folder options. 

Step 15:Now click on and wait for the installation process to complete. 

Step 16:Once  done, then click on install from the repository. 

Step 17:Search and press on SuperRepo All (Krypton)(V7).

Step 18: Next, select for video add-ons and like on the Exodus 

Step 19: Finally, click ok for the whole process to complete. 

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