The differences between a Gaming PC and console 

‌You can use your PC not just to work, send emails, and browse the internet, but also to play games. Some companies even create dedicated gaming PCs that are built to maximise the gaming performance. On the other hand, game consoles are entirely dedicated to playing video games. So, the question is: which one is better to have for gamers?


‌While it will depend a lot on how much you pay for your gaming PC, you’ll find that PCs will often outperform consoles in terms of performance. PCs have always been ahead of the curve over game consoles, which is still the case today. Don’t get us wrong; video game consoles perform great, but you can add much more hardware to a gaming PC, giving it the edge in performance.


‌Price is one area where consoles have an advantage over gaming PCs. The best consoles will cost around £300-400, with some lesser models coming in cheaper. However, even a basic PC build can cost you at least £500, with many of the best-spec models setting you back several thousand pounds! While PCs have more utility than a games console, if you’re looking to game on a budget, the game console is the way to go.


‌‌One of the benefits of having a gaming PC is flexibility regarding specs. If you want to focus your build on the best graphics hardware, you can do that, or if you’re going to focus on filling your PC up with RAM, you can do that too. Even if one part breaks, they’re often easy to replace, and plenty of replacement options exist. However, with a games console, you have very little flexibility regarding specs, only being able to choose between slightly different models of the same console.


‌When you’re spending hundreds of pounds on something, you want to know that it is built to last. You don’t want to pay the same outlay every few months to keep gaming! In this aspect, both gaming PCs and game consoles perform well. A game console can last for decades if you take care of it. PCs can also last for years without any significant drop in performance, plus you have the added benefit of swapping parts out if anything goes wrong.

Game options 

‌One of the major drawbacks when it comes to game consoles is exclusive titles. Some titles can only be played on certain consoles, meaning you need to own all of them if you want to play specific games. While this issue affects PC gaming as well, you’ll find many more options for playing games on your PC. For example, you can play net ent games from your gaming PC, which you can’t do from a regular games console. Plus, if you have a Steam account, you can access over 30,000 game titles, which should keep you busy for a while!


Other differences between game consoles and video games include the PC’s ability to modify games and the game console’s ease of use. Ultimately, whether a gaming PC or a game console is the better option comes down to what you’re looking for as a gamer. Some will think the outlay of a gaming PC is worth it, whereas others are more comfortable to play on consoles.

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