How To Connect Android Tv Box To TV Using AV Cable

Android tv boxes are like the best technology or equipment you can use for streaming Netflix,Youtube or any other streaming platform on your big screen(Tv).

You can change your old tv to an android tv by connecting it with an android tv box and stream your favorite shows on it.

You can connect the android tv box to your tv with the Hdmi cable but in some tvs there is not any Hdmi cable.

So, in that case you have to use an AV cable to connect it with your tv. AV cables Are used for video audio input/output.

AV cable consists of one connector at one side and three connectors at the other side.Three connectors on the other end have three different colors which are Red,White,yellow.Yellow connector is for video and red and white is for audio input/output, one for input and one for output.

Follow These Steps to Connect Your Android TV Box to TV using AV Cable

  1. Connect your android tv box to the power socket
  2. Check for the port, AV written on the opposite side from the front on the android tv box.
  3. Connect the single connector end of AV cable to the android tv box.
  4. Now, the three end connector of the AV cable is to be connected to the tv.
  5. At the back of the tv there are some ports such as HDMI,Audio input/output,video and some other ports.
  6. You will see three ports in a line from top to bottom which are colored differently as red,white and yellow.
  7. Now carefully connect the red connector of the av cable to the red port on the tv. This id for the video.
  8. Connect the yellow connector to the yellow port on the tv.
  9. Connect the white connector to the white port on the tv. Both of these ports are for audio input/output.
  10. Now, your android tv box is connected to your tv for audio and video.
  11. Connect your tv to the power socket and switch it on. Complete setting up your android tv box and enjoy streaming your best shows.

These are the steps for connecting your android tv box to the tv with AV cable. For the home usage you should try connecting your android tv box to the tv with Hdmi cable, it is most suitable and easy to connect and stream on your tv but if that doesn’t work then use a AV cable.

AV cable also provides you the same experience. If you are connecting the android tv box to a very old tv,you will surely not get the clear picture. But if you are connecting it to the LEDs, you will surely have the best experience.

If you face any problem connecting your android tv box to your tv feel free to comment down below, we will surely help you out.

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