Cold War Demolition Tips and Tricks Guide

In season 5, reloaded, the classic Demolition round became an integral part of the game. It is the biggest attraction to players who love bomb planting and diffusing scenarios. Improvised field upgrades, impressive score-streaks, and lethal weapons made this mode an interesting one to spend time on.

Today, we bring you some tips and tricks that you can use to perform better in this mode. You can also buy cold war hacks to rise to the next level of proficiency.

Stay Focused on One Site

This advice fits both sides, attacking or defending. You may think dividing your team and attacking or defending both sites simultaneously will be a good strategy. But putting efforts on just one side will be a more intelligent choice. 

If you divide your team and the enemy team stay in whole numbers and attack your position, you will be outnumbered and get over-run quickly. Therefore, if you are shooting, move together and decimate and overwhelm the enemy team with all your might. If you are defending, you can focus on locking out one site completely.

The enemy might capture one site quickly, but they need both bombs to win. They will keep running to your position, but you will be able to outnumber them every time as by then you would have already occupied advantageous positions.

Use Trophy System while Attacking

A trophy system while attacking is a must. It will help you to veer off the grenades and explosives. You can use it while charging towards the enemy positions and kill your enemies in a blink. It will make your bomb diffusing venture successful as it will take most of the resistance out of your way. But, do not waste it for average kills out of Laziness; otherwise, you will be in a shortage when you need it the most.

Do not Stray Solo

No weapon, No killer Streak is more beneficial to you than a well-organized team. This is not a mode you can win because you are an excellent gun-slinger. Here, you will need a well-organized team to succeed rather than an individual player’s heroics. Always push to your objectives together with your squad, putting maximum resistance to your enemy, and you will have the optimum chance of taking your enemies out and sealing the round in style. 

Use Score-streaks in Difficult Time

When the enemy corners you and your team, it has locked out the site of your objective. In these situations, score-streaks come into play. You can use your killer streaks like drones or sentry guns to decimate the enemy stronghold with a tremendous amount of force. Please do not waste your score-streaks in petty situations for fun, and use them in the most challenging positions where you cannot simply go all guns blazing.

Trap Your Enemy

There is just one bomb site in demolition mode. So if you manage to trap your enemy in their spawn point, you can keep killing your enemy there until the time runs out and you win the round. When a round begins, dash to the enemy spawn point and engage them there. After taking out the first wave of enemy, quickly acquire the favorable positions from where you can keep taking out the enemy. If you are on the defending side, this strategy will be best for you. You can send all of your team to block the enemy, and when they are trapped, only one team member can execute the bombing.

Watch the Timer

Do not forget to look at the timer in the fighting rush when playing the game, and it will tell you what strategy you need to apply at a particular point in the game. If you are close to the objective and still have some time left, then it is time to play more carefully not to mess up now. Likewise, it is time to speed things up if you are behind your objective and see the clock ticking out.

Deploy field mics

Field mics are an excellent tool to keep the Intel of the enemy positions. Both attackers and defenders can use them. Once you plant them near the bombsites and enemy spawn points, you can see how your enemy is making a move, and your team can position itself to cut down the enemy in its path.


Demolition mode requires skills and patience for success. If you follow all our tips, you will succeed in every match. Use your score-streaks and on-field upgrades carefully. Keep an idea of the timer and make your strategies according to it. Do not forget that your winning chances depend on your team’s well-organized. Stick together and improvise according to the need of the game. Happy gaming.

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