10+ Best Media Player for Android Tv Box

The Internet is now the reality and has become part of our daily life. With the help of online media and entertainment sources, watching videos has become a routine. Plenty of people use OTT platforms, while a lot of consumers use alternative streaming platforms to enjoy videos on their phones. Sometimes, you might also want to enjoy preloaded videos on your phone as they occupy a special place in your phone’s memory.

It has become extremely essential for your phone to be able to play every kind of video because one can’t predict what kind of content trends shortly. Some media files have standard codecs, while others have a complicated algorithm.

Not everyone has cable connections, many people use the internet as a medium to enjoy their daily dose of entertainment. If you belong to such a category you must have a media player that supports all kinds of formats.  Your video player should be compatible with your device. These days the market is filled with uncountable options which can complement all operative systems. So much on the plate makes you ask yourself which player to download and install?  We are here to your rescue and after doing a lot of research and hard work we have finally made a list of the best video players that not only run on your phone but are compatible with Fire Stick, Fire TV, Android TV box, Pc, and Mac.

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What are exactly Video Players?  They are a system that lets you play all your desired videos on the device of your choice with personalized settings for maximum engagement.


You must consider certain aspects before you make your choice. Here are a few boxes you must tick.

  1. The media player should be able to collaborate with your device.
  2. It should be easy to find it online and install it.
  3. It should be able to decode a large chunk of media format.
  4. It should have a few customizable setting options to let you decide your best view.
  5. You should readily be able to curate your personalized playlist and have subtitles in the language of your choice.

10+ Top Media Player for Android TV Box

We have compiled a list of Top Media Players for your Android TV Box. You would love the list. Get the access below –

1# MX player

MX Player is one of the most trusted media players currently on the internet. When launched it ran successfully on Android devices and now it is also accessible on firestick and IOS. With a single click, you can easily download it from the app store and enjoy its benefits. Those who want to access audio and video in distinct formats can rely on this multimedia player as it is backed by a powerful multi-core video rendering engine. The video streaming is seamless and there is no Glitch in the Play. The new upgrade is backed by a unique HW decoder that streams all videos in high resolution.

 MX Player can be coordinated along with all your desired apps that have a video or audio content source. People who like to enjoy media and movies by using Torrent will easily tell you the value of this app.

2# VLC Media Player

The VLC media player has created a benchmark when it comes to Run Media. This open-source media player can access innumerable platforms and successfully decode various audio and video formats. The manufacturers have provided the facility of customization. It is all we always ensure that the playback is smooth and doesn’t lag. You can also access corrupted media files by the use of the VLC media player.

 You can also choose between different subtitles and the use of multiple screen gestures.

3# Plex

Plex gathers pieces of your favorite bits from all kinds of broadcasting outlets and gathers them at one location, making the user experience extremely phenomenal. You can enjoy unlimited media content, from your personalized catalog of web shows, podcasts, and some great TV shows. It’s an app that has it all. The app works on all devices and the user interface is not limited by your location and nationality. The management allows you to access files from every remote location. You can play files in any format’ be it WMV, M4A, WMV, ALAC, or FLAC format. Another fascinating thing about Plex is that it acknowledges the music can provide you with the lyrics if you need them. 

You can have Plex in two ways: If you need the app for standard features such as casting, and media access, just stick to the free version.  If you wish to enjoy additional benefits you can subscribe to the monthly or long-term package. You can even download your favorite shows with Highly popular channels such as HBO.

4# FX Player

FX player is a premium quality network content streaming app that allows you to play any and every video on your network. It is backed by some built-in network defaults which are compatible with innumerable protocols including FTP, HTTP, and Web  DAV. This multitasking popup player allows you to access multiple applications simultaneously with the help of a screen pop up which can be well adjusted. The app maintains your privacy allowing you to store all your exclusive videos in incognito mode.

Major makeup enthusiasts and all fitness freaks will love this ability of the app to retaliate videos in a mirrored fashion.

It’s highly rewarding when you want to follow up a routine by watching what you can easily enjoy.

5# X Player

Xplay is a full-feature app that works extensively to be able to lay just about any video which is available on your Android device irrespective of width format and layout.

 Hi-end videos, especially the ones which are made with the latest quality profile are made with the latest quality equipment and have good quality for example the 4K videos, can be played just like a normal YouTube video. However, you must keep in mind that since the app costs nothing it will be filled with ads that can’t be blocked.

Essential features like Chrome casting subtitles download and Chrome casting and app management are top-notch in quality.

6# BS Player

This player is perfect for people who want to enjoy media streaming services without having to deal with the technicalities of the computer. It is not dependent on the CPU and its constituents to be able to play our favorite media for you.

The app comes in handy as it takes care of all your subtitle needs. You can choose some distinct languages while you relish all your videos in HD and AVCHD format.  The free version lets you operate a standard keyboard to coordinate with the videos.

7# Elmedia Player

This media player is compatible with all Apple devices as it decodes audio and video formats on Mac without any setbacks.  Major formats like DAT, FLAC, M4V, DivX which are commonly used by commoners are delivered without any strain on the processor. The audio and video synchronization is always constant and buffering is never found. You can store snapshots of your favorite screenplay hassle-free.

You can store your own series of songs and put them together in a list. If you want to slow the tempo of the music, even that is possible. It’s even attainable to extract the individual framework of videos. Everything in this media player builds up perfectly to provide a complete package for all the Mac owners.

8# KMPlayer

Why shouldn’t windows users have their dedicated video player when it’s completely possible? You can stream your favorite videos in the highest definition. Premium quality formats such as 4K, 8k’ UHD, and 60FPS are well received on display.

Some of the most extensive features of this media player include multilingual support, fast image processing, and multiple language options. Users with different operating systems, whether android or iOS can easily browse through the functions with the help of a precise pop-up menu. The players always render movies and videos with interchangeable movie options like HD to 4k, UHD, Full HD.


It lets you cast audio and video content from your devices like Windows/ Mac/ Linux PX or Routers directly to your home television without the availability of a server. While launching the players on the internet’ the manufacturers assured that standard protocols like SMB linked windows sharing, NFs are maintained.

You can store all your collection in subsections which can be easily accessed with the help of a server like UPnP/ DlnA and the presence of a PUb.


The lime player is a well-known video app that lets you play music and other music videos. The user interface is friendly and well organized. The app launches quickly and just like any good video player, can play all categories of video formats. You can also indulge in high definition videos, be it HD video, 4K video files, etc. You can easily obtain and merge subtitles to your videos from your device and even online websites. They also provide you with video thumbnails that improve the browsing experience. Supported video formats include AVI, MP3, WAV, AAC, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLAC, 3GP, M4V, MKV, TS, MPEG.


Wuffy media player is an accomplished and all-purpose media player which provides access to run innumerable video formats with the help of its system. It retrieves the user’s storage to help you play your media. The display can be customized as per your liking and with the help of the menu. Also, you can adjust the brightness and volume of your audio to have the best experience. With the help of the auto subtitle tracking feature, you can watch web series, movies, and listen to songs from different genres and in multiple languages.

Final Words:

I hope you love the compilation of Top media players for Android TV Box. If you got able to find one suitable media player for from the list, do comment down the name please. If you are using any other media player on your Android Tv, then also mention the name. We would love to add the name to the list.

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