10 Best Launcher for Android TV Box in 2021

Having an android TV box (Learn how to choose right android tv box) is wonderful as you will have access to several smart features that, up till now, only the phones used to have. These TV boxes have an Android OS, and hence, the functionalities are almost similar to that of the phones. Apart from having access to the applications and the smart features, another major benefit of the Android OS is that it allows customization of the features and layouts via a launcher. 

A launcher is a device that allows you to change your app icons, the background, the layouts, and even the font and other specifications easily. It’s a customization source that will let you change the Android TV box’s entire settings without causing any permanent change. 

Over the years, several android TV box launchers have been introduced in the market. On account of this, we will discuss the ten best launchers one can get for the Android TV box. 

Best Android TV Launcher

The following are the best Android TV Launcher Apps for you in 2021. Get the best for you.

#1 TVHome Launcher

One of the best launchers that you can have for your Android TV box is the TVHome Launcher. It has quite a stunning interface which will allow you a high level of customization. You will be able to add your own choice of image as the background and choose different icons for the applications is possible. The applications will be displayed in a single row at the screen’s bottom. Navigation is possible using the scrolling button. It also has a night mode that will allow you to change the displays at your convenience. 

#2 ATV launcher

ATV Launcher is known for its easy-to-use interface and intuitive design that will allow you to customize both the background images and the applications you have stored on the screen. Unlike the other launchers we have discussed here, the ATV launcher will allow you to customize the colors and look at the background image and the icons better. If your TV doesn’t support the native wallpaper feature, do not worry since the ATV launcher will allow you to set your choice wallpaper. 

#3 Square Home 3 launcher 

Square Home 3 launcher wasn’t much possible in its initial days. After a few upgrades, it has now become one of the best launchers for the Android TV box. It offers several customizable options like changing the background images, sorting the application icons into groups, changing the size of these group slots, adjusting the colors for a better view, and others. You can also customize the widgets in case you have any on the android OS. 

#4 Ugoos TV launcher

Over the years, several launchers have been introduced to the market. Out of them, the Ugoos TV Launcher is perhaps one of the best from amidst the list. The interface is unique, with a scrolling button on the left side. This will allow you easy access to the navigation feature of the launcher. All the applications stored in the OS will be grouped into nine different categories, which will reduce your efforts of sorting them out. 

#5 HALauncher 

If you are looking for the native design of the android TV box launcher, the HALauncher will be the ideal choice. Not only it allows you to change the background image as per your choice, but it also permits you to access the sideload applications easily. The left-hand dashboard will give you easy access to the menu button from where you can see the recently opened applications, get to the support nodes, and so on. The icons are displayed in full boxes making both identification and navigation easier. This particular software has a clean and sophisticated interface which is a plus point for many users. 

#6 Simple TV Launcher 

As the name sounds, this particular Android TV box launcher is quite simple and easy to use. The application’s interface is very easy to use, and hence, you wouldn’t have to be tech-savvy in understand the operation of the software. The main desktop interface has six translucent slots where you can drag the application icons that you need quick access. If you want to access all the stored apps, a button on the top left corner will show all the options in a listicle format. There is a filter or settings button at the lower right-hand corner that will display the settings menu of the TV box directly.

#7 Unica TV launcher

Some people like to control their Android TV boxes with the help of a remote coupled with D-pads. The Unica TV launcher is the perfect option for these people since it has an option for D-pad navigation. Unica’s display and layout interface is amazing since it allows you several customization options, be it the background image or the applications’ arrangement. The apps will not be present in small icons, which are quite hard to trace. Rather, they will be shown in large box icons in four columns on the screen. You can also add the applications to custom groups which can be accessed from the shortcut buttons. 

#8 Smart Launcher 5

From the name itself, you can understand that this particular application can be easily used to change your Android TV box’s looks and designs according to your wish. Even though the interface design is very much simple, one will be blown away by the customization options. Sliding of the screen will lead you to the search bar, which will allow you easy and direct access to any application stored in the Android OS. The settings panel will be visible throughout the search option, which will allow you to change the settings easily without having to launch the page separately. 

#9 DigiSender launcher

One of the best launchers for the Android TV box is the DigiSender launcher using which you will be able to access all the applications from a single home screen. There is a customizable bar at the top, where you will add your favourite icons for quick access. DigiSender Launcher will display all the recently used applications the moment you will open the menu. This way, you won’t have to search for a concerned app every time in the entire menu. There is a particular video console in the launcher interface where you will get updates, new release notifications, and several other operations that can be performed. 

#10 Android TV launcher

Another most fantastic launcher that is used for the Android TV box is the Android TV launcher. The background picture will appear blurred when you will open the application menu. These app icons will be portrayed in the form of box icons in varying sizes. It has mainly two screen options for customization, thereby allowing you to change the box’s home screen according to your convenience. It’s a basic launcher application that wouldn’t require a lot of tech-savvy knowledge. Even though the design customization options aren’t much, you would still be able to change the layouts and application views as per your desire. 

Final verdict 

With these top ten launchers for the Android TV box, you will get the best one. All you need to know is how to choose the best and the perfect launcher for your media box. After all, only the best launcher will allow you to use the Android TV box in the way you would like to operate. 

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