5 Best Internet Browsers for Android TV Box

An internet browser is a program that you simply use to access the Internet and examine sites. Web browsers offer services to users for access to the web (World Wide Web). 

If you have an Android TV Box, you can surely use it to surf movies and television channels and conjointly use streaming services like NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, etc. But have you ever thought of browsing the internet via your Android TV Box?

Here are some of the best apps you can use to browse on your Android TV Box. All you have to do is to install a browser. That’s where you’ll want our facilitation in selecting the simplest browser as per your demand.

List of five Best Internet Browsers for Android TV box:

Get the list of top Internet Browsers for Android TV Box and enjoying surfing over Android TV.

#1 Mozilla Firefox:

It is one of the foremost used and trustworthy internet browsers in the market. Firefox is better than any alternative internet browsers at load management and less RAM consumption. Alongside this, Firefox conjointly provides ultra-fast responses and opportunities to multi-task. 

Download: Firefox (Free)

Mozilla Firefox is that the third most generally used application in the world attributable to the following reasons:

  • Mozilla Firefox is one of the quickest and safest browsers out there. The programs and the files download quicker, and the users get a record of all downloads in a record from where they can delete or move them.
  • Mozilla Firefox comes with a multi-tab feature that enables the users to multitask, and it’s non-public browsing that allows the user to surf the internet while not recording history or cookies.
  • Mozilla Firefox features a safer privacy mode and downloading. It has a lot of intuitive navigation. It contains a minimalist interface, and it offers plenty of facilitation and support on the Firefox tutorial.

#2 Google Chrome:

It is one of the simplest internet browsers out there in the market for free. It’s pretty popular worldwide. Surfers from all corners of this world use Google Chrome over a couple of years for the brand name of “Google.”

Google Chrome, beyond any doubt, is the best and most reliable web browser attributable to the subsequent reasons-

  • It is super quick and loads the pages quickly.
  • It takes seconds to install.
  • Users have the selection option to change the color and theme of the browser.
  • The default or the start-up page lists all the frequent pages you’ve visited.
  • If a website crashes on one tab, other opened tabs won’t crash and allow you to pre-load them.
  • And the best feature is- you’ll be able to browse the internet while not being logged in by using the private feature, i.e., Incognito. 

Download: Chrome (Free)

#3 Puffin TV-Browser:

The TV-Browser features a version that has been specifically designed for the Android TV boxes. Other options embody QR codes for adding your favorite sites to the app and support Adobe Flash when it’s required. The browser is a beautiful selection if privacy is your priority because the browser’s innovative approach of rendering websites on its servers protects you from both snooping and malicious content.

Some of the unique options of Puffin Browser are:

  • Low resource & information consumption.
  • It’s not simply a repurposed mobile automaton app. The specially designed interface suggests that the seabird is lightweight, fast, and easy-on-the-eye.
  • Excellent mobile version.
  • The browser’s server measure is based mainly in North American, which means you can use American websites freely. 

Puffin TV  Download:  Puffin TV-Browser (Free)

#4 TV internet Browser:

TV-Browser may be a comparatively well-known and valuable application for Android TV box which works fabulously and offers quite some features.

Some of the key reasons users like the TV-Browser application are:

  • The browser allows you to play high graphical content directly on the Android TV box without installing any additional app.
  • It facilitates sleek scrolling with the TV Remote. You’ll be able to glide through the online pages precisely by clicking on links while not using an air mouse.

 Download:  TVWeb Browser (Free).

#5 Microsoft Edge:

Some of the facilities of exploitation Microsoft Edge are:

Microsoft Edge provides you the tools to safeguard your privacy online with options like tracking prevention, AdBlock, InPrivate browsing, and InPrivate search in Microsoft Bing.

The browser firmly syncs your favorites, passwords, collections, and alternative saved information across your signed devices.

Some of the key options are:

  • Search online using visual, and voice search hopped up by Microsoft Bing.
  • Use the facilities hopped up by Microsoft Bing, providing you the choice to surf online using voice and visual search.
  • Privacy is given priority over everything from the very moment you sign in.
  • Now, search history can also be kept private by using Microsoft Bing’s inbuilt InPrivate search. By browsing through InPrivate mode, your search history won’t be saved to Microsoft.
  • It comes with in-built Adblockers that can help you remove Unwanted Ads.
  • Microsoft provides users the possibility to earn rewards for their search.
  • With lesser ads, you can browse more securely and much faster.

Download: Microsoft Edge

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