5 Best Gaming Headset for Glasses Wearers USA 2023

According to data, it is seen that among adult gamers all around the world, over 64% of them wear glasses regularly. Sadly, the popular in-demand headsets are not designed for these Glasses Wearers, who are obviously going to feel uncomfortable wearing such headphones during games.

If you are one of those Glasses Wearers, confused about which headset might be the best for your needs? Don’t worry. Today, in this article, we have provided a comprehensive list of the best gaming headset for glasses wearers in 2023 that you can choose while staying within your budget. 

5 Best Gaming Headset for Glasses Wearers 2023:

Best Gaming Headset for Glasses Wearers USA

The people who wear glasses always face problem while listening something on headset. It feels like discomfort every time. So here we are suggesting some best solutions by suggesting Best Gaming Headset for Glasses Wearers for 2023.

1. HyperX Cloud II: 

The HyperX Cloud II Headset has gained a lot of prominence among the popular gaming headsets. Along with a very attractive design, this headset delivers regular high functionality and performance required for gameplay. It has very good immersive audio quality. It gives you an edge while playing with your opponent as it gives very clear minute sound details like that of gunshots, footsteps etc. The sound quality of its stereo speakers gives good service.

It has padded ear cups and a headband that helps your ears stay cosy and focused by absorbing the shock of lengthy gameplay hours. The padded ear cups also have foam memory, which serves to your preference with simple swappable cushions, provided that there is no design accommodation for the glasses in particular. The headset has a wide range of electronics since it has a USB combined with 3.5mm connectors.

One can easily set up with a single HyperX Cloud II headset, regardless of whether they are a PC or a console gamer. However, the surround sound feature is only provided for PCs, and so one has to settle for stereophonic sound when it comes to consoles.

This gaming headset only gives more reliable sound on direct connectivity, making the cable cord one big issue, even though it is very durable and compatible. This issue hampers the movement range of the gameplay. Moreover, since it is non-detachable, it often gets stuck to the wire.

The microphone is detachable and gives clear communication functionalities for your gaming platform. However, the user might encounter a few issues with weird sensitivity, like minor buzzing sounds.

  • The price is fairly affordable.
  • The audio quality is top-notch.
  • The microphone is clear and detachable.
  • It gives great surround sound quality.
  • It’s built is steady and of good quality.
  • It allows a proper seal for more absorption.
  • It is very comfortable to use.
  • Its cable is very short.
  • Its microphone is not good enough in comparison to others.

2. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless:

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Headset provides adjustable headbands that give maximum comfort to glass wearers. The memory foam used on the ear cushions and headband helps alleviate pressure force on the user’s glasses and ears. The FlowKnit fabrics keep the ears cool, especially during long gameplay hours.

The wireless headset is an improved version of the wired version. Also, it doesn’t face the common connectivity issues of various other wireless headsets. It produces a well-balanced sound quality, allowing it to be useful while playing games, watching movies or listening to music. It has a battery life boasting of 24 hours, ensuring no requirement for charging after every usage. It is a fairly light headset at 320 grams.

While using on PC, it gets connected with software named Razer Synapse, which allows customized equalization (EQ) of the headset and surround sound of THX 7.1 along with the THX Spatial Audio App. It has a volume knob sticking out from the left speaker side, making easy adjustments to adjust the game volume.

Although its slight loose-fitting provides a better experience for glasses wearers, its hinge build offers noise isolation which might not be good enough as other headsets depending on the user environment. Also, since it’s a full-extended headset, it has a tight wire connection between the headband and the earphones, which might cause longevity issues unless the user has a small head.

It is also important to note that with its USB wireless dongle and app requirements, the headset can be exclusively integrated for gamers using PCs and not consoles.

  • The build is of high quality.
  • It has excellent 24-hour battery life.
  • The microphone is clear.
  • It is a wireless headset.
  • Glasses wearers find it very comfortable.
  • The audio quality is great.
  • It has a great stereo sound.
  • It is primarily made for gamers with a PC.
  • Its price is high.
  • It keeps suffering from sound leakage.

3. Beyerdynamic MMX 300:

The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 is a high-rated gaming headset available among the list of gaming headsets with the best sound quality. It was designed initially for private airline communities. It delivers superb audio quality as well as a realistic soundstage. It is one of the most expensive headsets in the gaming headset market. 

The headset comes with soft velour cushion fittings, which provide comfort for the ears and head of the Glasses Wearers. The microphones are considered one of the best for gamers streaming or playing online as they produce a clear, deep voice without any distortions instead of any typical low-quality sounds. It also picks up very minute external noise details like those of fans, keyboards, etc. Its built-in wired remote control helps easily make adjustments to sounds or take calls, making it one of the high-rated gaming headsets.

It has a small built, which might be difficult for users with large heads. Many users have reported encountering audio issues such as constant static, hissing or random popping sounds.

Since this headset only gives better performance when powered properly, few users complained about low audio. This is mainly because of insufficient amps, for which it is essential to pay for an added amp while buying the MMX 300 headset.

  • The microphone is well-equipped.
  • The headset comes with a hard case.
  • Its audio is very precise.
  • Its cable is of poor quality.
  • Its price is at the premium level.

4. SteelSeries Arctis Pro:

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro is among the most expensive gaming headsets in the gaming headset market. It has large cooling air padding with plenty of space, preventing excessive unwanted strains an individual can get from lengthy gameplay hours.

Its adjustability makes it very comfortable and compatible to be worn on the head. Its top frame has a comfortable suspended ski Google padding design which maintains a redistributed weight and pressure fit on the cranium.

Due to its durable cord, it doesn’t face any connectivity issues and gives a long-term premium user experience. Even though its OLED menu lacks stability, it fully controls the sound, balance, as well as equalization. There will be no issues with audio or volume even if the cord faces high malfunction.

The accurate and immersive in-game audio at any volume remains free of any sort of distortion. The sensitive speakers not only give a top-notch sound quality but also take care of preserving the optimal performance and settings.

  • The microphone is clear and retractable.
  • The audio is rich and immersive.
  • Glasses wearers find it super comfortable.
  • Its cooling gel helps keep the ears cool.
  • Its OLED (organic light-emitting diode) fully controls the sound.
  • It is illuminated in RGB.
  • It is highly-priced.
  • Its stereo sound quality doesn’t match up to expectations.

5. Turtle Beach Stealth 700P:

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700P is a Gaming Headset of high quality built with a careful and comfortable fit for Glasses Wearers. It has ear cushions made of premium synthetic leather, which provides a durable, form-fitting experience.

Its ProSpecs design prevents issues of unwanted pressure around the temples, which could have affected the position of the user’s glasses. Since the headset operates independently, it easily helps in connecting to a PC, Xbox One or PS4. 

The headset has premium quality audio, which cancels noise and envelops the user’s sphere. However, the microphone audio is not up to the mark and doesn’t provide enough clear communication while chatting.

The internal battery is rechargeable and long-lasting, making it highly functional in lengthy gameplay. However, it often faces power issues and ends up with random power-offs or losing connections without cable.

  • The audio quality is great.
  • The microphone is decent enough for communication.
  • It is a wireless headset.
  • It helps cancel active noises.
  • It faces issues with connectivity.
  • Its price is a bit expensive.
  • It faces issues with power.


You might think that it’s challenging to find the best gaming headset being a glass wearer. Now that we have provided you with the best 5 gaming headsets from top brands, it’s your choice to choose the most comfortable headset according to your needs and budget. 

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