5 Best Gaming Forums In 2023: Our Rankings

Best Gaming Forums

Online gaming forums are a reliable information source for gamers since the dawn of the Internet. No matter what level of player you are—casual, intermediate, or professional—these forums will aid you with all the knowledge you want. Gaming forums greatly benefit users by offering straightforward solutions to their queries.

These forums feature guides, walkthroughs, tips, clues, strategies, and much more, all shared by voluntarily by fellow gamers. They are not just limited to that; you can discuss just about anything related to video games. Nowadays, they have also become a place to discuss real online slots, encompassing the vast industry of iGaming, which is projected to reach around $140 billion by 2028.

With that said, below we have listed our top five picks for the best gaming forums.

5. GameSpot Boards

GameSpot Boards is one of the oldest forums still active today. The website was founded back in 1996 and was incredibly lively during the mid-2000s. Many gamers have nostalgic memories of spending time on this site’s message boards. Today, GameSpot Boards features a wide array of discussions ranging from retro gaming to the latest gaming technology.

This site can be a great place to forge friendships with like-minded video game enthusiasts. Here you can find in-depth discussions on AAA titles as well as a few indie games. GameSpot is frequented every day by a large number of users from multiple platforms. It also offers different sections for PC and console gamers to talk about their interests.

4. Reddit

Reddit has one of the largest communities on the internet and has dedicated subreddits (a forum dedicated to a specific topic) for all types of gaming content. Although top subreddits like r/Gaming do not feature much quality content, there are still some specific subreddits that are home to a lot of gamers who share serious and useful content.

Some subreddits that are dedicated to specific games are often frequented by video game developers. Developers use these forums to gain valuable insights by noting community feedback and observing discussions, which they then use to further improve the gameplay experience. This specific reason has made Reddit an instrumental site for the development of the present gaming industry. This website also features forums dedicated to casino gaming, like r/onlineslots, which are usually not found on other sites.

3. GameFAQs

GameFAQs is another website that has been around for over two decades. Since its inception in 1995, it has come a long way and is still active to this day. It was created by gamer and programmer Jeff Veasey to aggregate numerous online guides and FAQs from across the internet. This site has been positively reviewed by several major publications.

GameFAQs  has a huge database of video game cheat codes, reviews, save games, box art images, and screenshots, among many other things. Here you can browse through old posts from the early days of gaming to get an experience of each gaming era. This message board also features discussion on several popular mobile games as well.

2. Steam Community

Steam is the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming in the world. It boasts a massive library of video games ranging from AAA games to indie titles. Steam launched its official forum, Steam Community, in mid-2007 with the aim of bringing PC gamers to one centralized place. It is quite similar to other forums on this list but has a lot of exclusive features.

On this forum, you can not only chat with your friends but also form your own small communities with other online players around certain topics. Steam has also made it easier to connect with fellow gamers and has the most active chat functionality. It’s easily the most interactive forum, of all gaming communities.

1. MMORPG.com

The MMORPG.com community forum is a must-visit destination for MMO gamers. This site skyrocketed in popularity due to the success of World of Warcraft. Today, it hosts one of the biggest MMO players on the internet. Over the past few years, it has proved to be an incredibly valuable resource for this genre of gaming.

You can find everything related to massively multiplayer online role-playing games on this site, including in-depth analysis, the latest news, and articles. It is a quite engaging community with a huge focus on meaningful discussions. In general, the site offers all the aspects that are common in the other forums on this list.


Whether you are having difficulty beating a certain video game level or just want to complete the game hundred percent to get that platinum trophy, forums provide you with all the necessary information needed to achieve your goals. The forums we listed also offer a fantastic way of staying up-to-date with the latest gaming news. One honorable mention is 4chan /v/, which, despite its controversial reputation, is a highly active community that can have interesting discussions at times.

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