7 Best 7.1 Home Theater Systems In 2020

Are you looking for home theater systems? Don’t worry. We are here to suggest the best 7.1 home theater systems that you can buy for your home to enjoy the crystal clear sounds, great bass, and real theatrical experience at home. Everybody loves to hear music, and if the music is running on the high-quality home theater system, then it always adds a grace point in it.

Home Theater Systems are developed with the intention to create a sound atmosphere equal to Movie Theater or like a DJ system. A home theater uses combined technology of audio and video mechanism, letting you recreate the feel of watching a movie in a theater. Before buying a home theater system, you should check every aspect related to audio, connectivity, a number of speakers, power supply, and many more.

(Top 3) 7.1 Home Theater Systems




Klipsch 7.1 Rp-250 Reference Premiere Surround Sound Speakers


Nakamichi Shockwave Pro 7.1 DTS-X 45.5″ x3.5″ x3.0″ Soundbar


Acoustic Audio HD 726 in-wall/ Ceiling Home Theater 


Basic info about 7.1 home theater system

  • To get better sound quality, a 7.1 speaker system is the best to choose out one.
  • A set up of 7.1 speakers includes seven speakers plus a subwoofer to fully bring the magic of the movie, video, and games sound you like to play.
  • Always let you enjoy clean and detailed sounds.
  • Some 7.1 sound systems come with a soundbar design to amplify surround speakers’ performance.

Let’s take a deep look at the nine best 7.1 home theater systems….

7 Best 7.1 Home Theater Systems In 2020

1. Nakamichi Shockwave Pro 7.1 DTS-X 45.5″ x3.5″ x3.0″ Soundbar

Nakamichi home theater system is popular for its unmatchable performance for many years. Their high performance is based on their flawless combination, cinematic feel, and high sound bass. Nakamichi Pro 7.1 with a soundbar is perfect to choose from. This beautiful set of speakers will transform your room into a movie theater with its 360° Dolby Atmos sound flowing in all directions of a room.

Its 8″ down-firing wireless subwoofer delivers a full powerful impact to make a cinematic environment. Its Dual Center Channels technology always delivers an unbelievable clarity to movie dialogues and music lyrics.


  • It includes surrounding tweeters, ultra-high-resolution, next-gen 3D sound, and advanced SSE(Spatial Surround Elevation) enrichment technology.
  • Its soundbar provides a 35% wider soundstage than normal soundbars.
  • Wireless streaming of music adds a benefit as they are Bluetooth enables models.
  • Remarkable speakers.
  • Easy to operate and connect.
  • The high-quality material used.
  • Cinematic standard quality.
  • 3D advanced sound system.
  • Not a budget-friendly product.
  • The keys on the remote are too small to press.

2. Klipsch 7.1 System with 2 RP-8000F Floor standing Speakers

These speakers are a full-pack of the entertainment speaker system as they are capable of transforming your room into a mini-cinema after installing them.Klipsch 7.1 sound system includes two premier quality RP-8000F floor standing speakers with the dual 8-inch copper-spun cerametallic cone woofers that carry a magnificent theatrical sound. Its RP-504c center channel speaker is formulated to bring music lyrics and movie dialogues into real.

Klipsch is a great home theater system for rooms or living rooms of home. Klipsch speakers are known for their extraordinary product quality.


  • Klipsch includes RP-500M Bookshelf Speakers to give you the phenomenal sound features on behalf of 70 years of experience of its proprietary technology.
  • Its SPL- 120 subwoofers are developed to escalate the Klipsch reference series.
  • SPL-120 presents the highly capable class-D amplifier and spun copper Cerametallic 12-inch woofer.
  • Its SPL subwoofers are best in carrying out low frequency output.
  • It has a 9.2 channel Full 4K ultra HD network AVS SR7012 surround receiver.
  • Marvelous sound system.
  • Based on the latest innovating technology in speaker systems.
  • Voice control system
  • Little bit costly.

3. Klipsch 7.1 Rp-250 Reference Premiere Surround Sound Speakers

The Klipsch 7.1 RP-250 is a futuristic sound system that amplifies a miraculous home theater experience to its users.This 7.1 sound system includes a pair of Floorstanding Speakers combining with cerametallic cone woofers. It also includes a pair of monitor speakers, a pair of surround speakers, and center channel speakers. The Klipsch 7.1 RP-250 provides great resulting sound at the home theater room and living room.


  • It requires an 80 to 110 watts receiver for a proficient working of the speaker system.
  • Come with floor-standing, subwoofer, and Central Channel.
  • Includes speakers with cerametallic cones for better sound quality.
  • Five hundred watts of output power.
  • Extraordinary bass speakers.
  • Good speaker’s cabinets.
  • Classic gold speaker designs.
  • Standing speakers are easy to install then hanging speakers.
  • Doesn’t include a receiver.

4. Acoustic Audio HT-87 In-Wall In-Ceiling Home Theater 7 Speaker System

A different from other speaker systems, Acoustic Audio HT-87, is a distinctive home theater system. It is designed to install in-ceiling or in-walls of home to enjoy a better cinematic sound experience. If we talk about its design and style, the Acoustic Audio HT-87 system is artistic and classy. This Goldwood Acoustic seven-speaker system is highly suitable to install in multi-room sound systems and surround sound home theaters, and it is designed in the USA.

It includes five pieces of MT8 of wall speakers and two pieces of SP8c of ceiling speakers. You don’t have to worry about messing up with speaker wires because the whole sound system can be installed into the ceiling and walls of your home.


  • Power consumption per speaker up to 20-300 watts.
  • Its Frequency response is 30hz-22kHz watts.
  • Includes 8″ Woofers with high rigidity polypropylene cones and extended Throw drive Assembles.
  • Two thousand one hundred watts of peak power handling due to sophisticated engineering.
  • Grills and frames are paintable to match the home interiors.
  • Easy to install.
  • Unmatchable sound quality.
  • Blended wall-lock mounting system.
  • Need extra speaker wire to move from wall to wall or wall to ceiling.

5. Klipsch 7.1.2 System- 2 RP-8060FA Dolby Atmos Speakers

Dominating the market for 70 years with acoustic technology, the Klipsch brings the fabulous cinema voice experience direct into your home. Its Dolby Atmos provides your surround sound, elevated speakers at the ceiling reflect the sounds everywhere in the room, making a real feel of live music concerts in your living room.

Adding another extraordinary Klipsch proprietary Tractrix horn loading technology guarantees the clearest sounds as it uses high-frequency energy. It includes an RP-504 c center channel speaker, RP-600m Bookshelf Speaker, and SPL-100 subwoofer.


  • Bass- Reflex from rear-firing Tractrix
  • Flexible, Durable, and Removable magnetic grille.
  • Dimension 43.12″ x10.90″ x19.80″
  • Superior quality Scratch Resistant Dark brown finish.
  • 10-inch spun copper Cerametallic woofer
  • Class-D high-efficiency amplifier.
  • Real 360° sound experience.
  • 10-inch Powerful subwoofer
  • Good speaker cabinets
  • No other color options available.

6. Yamaha 770 Watts 7.1 Channel 3D A/V Reciever +150 watt speaker+ 100 ft speaker wire

Yamaha 770 watts 7.1 channel 3D A/v receiver and speakers have a stylish and fantastic looking design. This product provided by Yamaha is highly durable in quality and performance.


  • It includes the dock for iPod/iPhone music & video playback
  • Newly updated real sound In-Wall Speaker System with Easy Installation Design.
  • 100 feet of 16 AWG speaker wire to connect more easily all speakers to a receiver.
  • 8″ Cone Woofers
  • 1″ Swivel Titanium Dome Tweeter Designed.
  • 770 watts of total output
  • Versatile design is compatible to install in any room.
  • Comes with Subwoofer.
  • Remote control system.
  • Paintable grills to match the walls of the home.
  • Distortion in the speaker sometimes.

7. Acoustic Audio HD 726 in-wall/ Ceiling Home Theater Surround 7.2 Speaker System by Goldwood

This High Definition system is systematically designed and includes four rectangular front in-wall HD speakers, 2 round in-ceiling rear HD speakers. Without creating any hazards, these speakers are easy to mount into any wall or ceiling. Each speaker is built to provide the top sound quality. It also consists of 6.5″ Kevlar cones, butyl rubber surrounds, and titanium tweeters.


  • Nine-piece Acoustic Audio home speaker 2-way set.
  • 6.5″ dual center channel
  • 10″ Passive Inwall subwoofer.
  • Power handling up to 2750 watts
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy installation.
  • Customize according to 3 Kit option to fit it perfectly to your room area.
  • Well- balanced sound.
  • A clear sound even at high volume.
  • Non-understandable instruction manual.

Final Verdict

Many Excellent performing home theater systems are available in the market that provides crystal clear sound quality and gives you a cinematic experience at home. The above information will help you in saving your time to decide the best home theater system to buy. All the above best, 7.1 home theater systems have an excellent sound quality and materialize with the latest techniques. The superior quality home theater is one that has the potential of entertaining you for a long time with its different variations. Above the list, all the home sound systems have the potential to entertain anyone continuously for many hours. Now it depends on you which one you select to buy.

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