10 Best 6.5 Component Speakers Under $200

A component car speaker is a car audio speaker that you can install in your car for maximum sound output. Most high-end audio equipment manufacturers make component speakers today. If you already have an old audio system, and looking to upgrade the audio system of the car, then you can give component speakers an afterthought. You have greater control over the entire audio experience and better sound quality as well. Some people also refer to component speakers as separates. If you separate both, you will be able to distinguish between the sounds. There are various factors that you need to pay attention to while deciding upon car speakers. They are sound quality, bass, price, and many more.

Top 3 Picks for 6.5 Component Speaker

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#1 Morel MaximoBuy on Amazon
#2Infinity REF6520CXBuy on Amazon
#3Focal PS165F FlaxBuy on Amazon

What is the utility of the 6.5 Component Speaker?

There are two separate speakers that emit different ranges of sounds. There is a woofer that emits sounds ranging from a lower to mid-frequency ranges. Moreover, there is a small speaker, that covers high-frequency sounds.Most music fanatics can tell you the details, whereas normal people cannot even differentiate between the two. One of the technical aspects that audiophiles would love to discuss with you is the power handling feature. It is actually the maximum amount of power; a speaker can handle. Otherwise, your speakers may overheat and even burst. The speaker’s sensitivity is another point of concern. The various speakers make emit various different sound ranges at the same volume. Now, coming to the material. There is wood, and there are other materials. Polypropylene foam and polyester makes great woofers. Whereas, the smaller one called tweeter can be of any ceramic or graphite material. If you want the best sound, then you have to buy 6.5 component speakers.

Let us now have a look at the product reviews.

1. Morel Maximo

Morel is a great brand for 6.5 Component Speakers. It is manufactured in Israel and gives quality sound. Maximo is an excellent entry-level speaker. This entry-level set consists of two mids, two crossovers, two tweeters, and two woofers. If you are looking for the best6.5 component speaker in the range of $100-200, this seems to be a good fit. The Morel Maximo produces full-range sounds. It can handle up to 90 watts RMS. You can pair this set with an external amplifier. You will also get mounts for tweeter placement. Moreover, the sound of the Morel Maximo bass is excellent.


  • Good reputation of the manufacturers
  • Good build quality
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Clear and balanced sound
  • Very sharp sound quality
  • Bass is full
  • Easy to tune
  • Very good SQ


  • Crossovers are very big
  • There is no tweeter attenuation jumper
  • Needs a good amount of space

2. Infinity REF6520CX

This is a budget 6.5 Component speaker. These Infinity speakers are edge-driven, textile tweeters. The tweeter output level is excellent. You can now boast of clear high-range sounds and optimization to your friends. The higher bass output can be delegated to the woofer strength. The sound is as smooth as ever, never harsh on your delicate ears. You can get the best sound output based on the location. The patented Plus One cones provide a great speaker-cone area. Thus, it results in high sensitivity. Moreover, the price is very competitive. However, an amplifier is recommended if you want a heavy bass effect.


  • Speakers work great for factory heads
  • Clear and smooth sound
  • Sound is better than OEM speakers
  • Known for its perfect mid-bass
  • The treble is also great
  • Value for money
  • It is a great upgrade from stock speakers


  • Mounting adaptor is not good

3. Focal PS165F Flax

If you want neutral-quality sound, then you should definitely buy these component speakers. It has a flax cone that produces dynamic sound. If you happen to see this product, then you will find the phase plug in the center of the cone. The tweeters are dome-shaped and are made from Aluminum or Magnesium. What makes these component speakers different from co-axial ones is the high power, that it can handle, low deep bass, BI-AMP systems, a patented flax cone, and 100% Focal signature. The set includes      twomid-bass parts, two tweeters, and two crossovers. Now, you can use these speakers with 100 Watts RMS as well.


  • Crisp sound
  • The mid-bass is great
  • The built is sturdy
  • Can handle a lot of power
  • Speakers are Made in France with sturdy cast Aluminum baskets
  • Treble is soothing


  • Crossover wires are very short
  • You need to get the system professionally installed

4. JBL CLUB6500C

The main feature of these JBL speakers is that you can play them without amplifiers. Moreover, it is reasonably priced. Most people are replacing their car’s standard speakers with JBL. Furthermore, you can power them with OEM radio, as they have a lower ohm rating. The set comes with two woofers, two tweeters, and other parts required for easy installation. These component speakers produce a neat sound. The mid-bass is great with clear vocals. However, you need to check beforehand, if you have the best speaker-wire adapters. The JBL CLUB6500C comes with a high-sensitivity design, and are manufactured in Mexico. These are just great for people listening to popular music. If you want full-blown music, you needto buy an additional amplifier.


  • Great sound quality
  • Low end and clear highs
  • Edge-driven tweeters
  • Can play without amplifier


  • The bass is a bit distorted at high volumes
  • A little precaution needs to be maintained when plugging to high-powered audio

5. Rockford P165SI

This 6.5 component speaker comes with a hidden crossover. You don’t need to pair them up with black boxes. It is a very powerful set that delivers quite a punch. This set is much more powerful than factory-installed car speakers. The moment you turn up the volume, the music gets louder. These are not full range speakers, but definitely worth the buy. The set comes with four speakers, two mids, and two tweeters. The set comes with injection molded mineral filled polypropylene cone, linear high excursion matched motor magnetics, and treated PEI dome tweeter. The tweeter produces clear and rich sounds. Even, if you are driving on a highway, the bass is solid and detailed.


  • Amazing sounds
  • Easy to hook up
  • Customer support is amazing
  • Good value for money
  • Good mid-bass
  • Internal crossover is great
  • The body is sturdy
  • Require very little EQ


  • A bit hard to install

6. Rockford Fosgate R165-S Prime

It is a 2-Way 6.5 Component Speakers System. that delivers premium sound quality in an easy to install package. The R165-S set includes a pair of 6.5 woofers with grills, a pair of tweeters with integrated crossovers and mounting hardware. The midrange accommodates direct fit OEM placement and the tweeter with an in-line crossover. It accommodates flush, surface and angle mounting attachments as well. The Rockford Fosgate’s Prime speakers offers clean, crisp, and a powerful performance that’ll keep you and your friends partying to great music all through the night.The material that the polypropylene woofers are made of,deliver strong drums and bass. Moreover, they replicatethe clean mid-range frequencies. There is a separate pair of Mylar tweeters that add the excitement of strong high-frequency response to your music without a trace of harshness. 


  • Sound quality is excellent
  • Good price good sound
  • Sound at mid-volume is crystal clear
  • Tweeters sound amazing
  • Great midrange speakers
  • You can easily install


  • Pin screws for set up the bad quality

7. Kicker 43CSS654 CSS65

If you are looking for a cool pair to upgrade to, from factory boxes, the Kicker’s CS Series is one of the most famous choices today. These are tough, dependable car speakers that have a devoted fan-following and are popular today. You’ll get the classic Kicker quality that will take your music to another level, giving more detail than you ever expected from your factory speakers.  The polypropylene woofer that delivers solid low end, backed by a polyester foam surrounding material that gives many years of strong performance. The separate titanium-balanced dome tweeters will bring a new dimension to the high-frequency range of sounds, with crisp instrumental, as well as vocal detail. There is an external crossover network that allows you to choose from three different tweeter level settings so that you get balanced sound in any kind of vehicle. The grills are included in the package.


  • Great set of component speakers
  • Available at reasonable price 
  • Very crisp clean sound
  • The setup is simple
  • Great looks
  • Adds a punch when using an amplifier


  • Instructions are very limited in the manual
  • no quick-connects
  • Bass could have been better

8. Alpine R-Series R-S65C

These speakers from Alpine are known for their dependability. The sound-range matches most mid-range models. You will have a fun listening experience with these car speakers around. Moreover, you can never really go wrong with this model. The sound is great. The speaker system is made from hybrid fiber wooden woofer cone. It gives a strong bass response. Moreover, the surround sound cannot get better than this. Furthermore, the silk tweeters add a generous dose of sweetness. It is not shrill and does not lack depth. The set also includes a set of crossovers. The compactness allows you to stash it in any corner. The perfect match for your car stereo. These can additionally increase the noise to another level, if you add an external amplifier. The new metal mesh grill also adds a certain uniqueness to the device.


  • Great sound quality
  • Crisp and powerful sound
  • The bass and treble is loud
  • Clear sound from tweeters
  • Value for money
  • Can handle plenty of power


  • The enclosures are fit for 6×8

9. MB Quart – Zc1-216, 6.5 Inch 2 Way Speaker System

This 6.5 Component Speaker is one compact set of component speakers that last long. The sounds that emanate from this speaker system, are at par with other renowned models like Polk, JBL, and Infinity. The set includes four speakers. There are two tweeters, and two mid-range speakers as well. They also come with their own hardware. Moreover, you can club a high-quality deck along with the package. You can get an external amplifier from Alpine. It pairs up well with the model. You can easily mount and install them. There are built-in mechanisms and spring-loaded connectors for positive and negative speaker wire connections. You stand to get the best sound quality, minus the distortions.


  • Truly long-lasting
  • Great for audiophiles
  • Made with ceramic coating
  • Well-balanced sounds
  • The sound is crisp


  • Can’t handle excess power
  • Might blow out on installation
  • Not heavy-duty

10. Polk Audio DB6502 DB + Series

These 6.5 Component Speakers are water as well as dirt-proof. If you are driving to some off-road settings, these are just perfect for you. You get two tweeters, two sub-woofers, crossovers and the hardware. It goes well with the Infinity series of amplifier. Moreover, the system works well with head units. That is an added advantage. If you want rich and clean sound, this is what you need to buy today. You can even install the speakers in boats and ATVs. It makes sound more clear. It also eliminates the leakage of sound. The speakers have the ability to reduce bass distortion.


  • High-quality sound than most other waterproof speakers
  • Low-range frequencies
  • The sound well-balanced
  • Simple installation
  • It is waterproof andheat proof
  • It is flexible


  • Speaker system doesn’t deliver hard-core, thumping bass well
  • The sound is like top-quality speakers
  • It produces low-end frequencies


There are so many excellent quality 6.5 component speakers within $ 200. Different speakers work well for different people. Likes and dislikes cannot be the same. You may go for silk tweeters, if you like refined sounds. However, if you are the kind of person who likes sharp sounds, then go for metal tweeters. Moreover, the make of your car stereo will be privy to your ultimate decision. Many people prefer low and thumping bass lines. Speakers like the JBL GTO609C, Infinity PR6500CS, and JL Audio C5-653 are recommended for high-powered car audio systems. JBL, Infinity and Rockford are best brands, when it comes to component speakers.

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