What to Do If You Lose Your Android TV Box Remote

What if you forgot to bring remote control of Android TV box?

You went out and realised it. What will you do?

Well don’t worry even if you lose Your Android TV Box Remote. You got the solution for it.

You can use the Android TV Box without having a remote control.

We will be talking such ways to use Android TV Box without a Remote.

You would be able to access almost all the functionalities on Android box which is possible with a remote control device.

Let’s talk about those ways in different scenarios –

Use App to Find Remote

If you are unable to find remote control of Android TV Box, use remote finder app to get your remote back. This app is quite handy to find remote control if you forgot it somewhere in your home or any other place.

Android TV Box remote mostly use the Bluetooth to communicate with the TV Box. It continuously emits the signal which is helpful to approximate the location of remote. Wunderfind is such an amazing app helps in locating Bluetooth devices around the house.

use mobile as remote

To start using it, you need to install it from the play store and run it. As soon as you run it, it starts scanning for the Bluetooth devices nearby. Click on the remote id and it will show the radar type of graph and signal strength. Move the searching device in different directions and see any percentage change. As you see the increment, you get close to the remote. Once it reaches to 100%, you can shuffle around to find it manually. The best thing is app is free on Google play store.

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Use Keyboard or Mouse

You would love to know that a keyboard or mouse can be used to operate the Android TV Box. You can operate on Adroid TV without a remote.

Most of the android TV Boxes come with a full sized USB A port. You can plug-in a mouse or keyboard in that USB port.

So need not to worry if you lost TV box remote, you just need one spare USB mouse or keyboard to use it on Android TV.

It works like a charm on the Android TV. Just connect your USB mouse, or wireless keyboard and mouse, and you will be able to control Android Tv box with the arrow of the mouse or arrow keys on the keyboard.

If it doesn’t work for you, you might need to enable it from the Settings. Use the next method to use Android TV App to navigate in the Android TV. Go to Settings>>Language and Input, Select ‘Default’ under ‘keyboard & input methods’ . One popup menu appear.  Turn physical keyboard to ON.

This is a temporary solution. You would be able to access most of the functionalities. However, there will be no Home button or option to go back. So look for other options to manage it.

Use the Android TV App

 In case you lost TV box remote in your home or don’t want to find it right away, so you can use smartphone to operate over Android TV. The foremost condition is that smartphone and android streaming device should be on same wireless network.

Get Android TV Remote app on your Android or Iphone.  Run the app after installation. It will automatically detect the Android TV Streaming device. Tap over the device id to establish connection between smartphone and streaming device. Now you can operate the Android TV with your mobile phone.

Create a Wifi Hotspot

Suppose you are going on a vacation along with Android TV box but forgot to bring remote, chill, still an option in hand. As we learned in the previous method about Android TV app to operate Android Tv as long as both are on same wi-fi network. But in this case, you have brought the android box out of the premise and same wi-fi network is not available at the new location. As you turn ON the TV box and device tries to connect with the previous wi-fi network. Unfortunately, you don’t have original remote to change the wireless network.

As a temporary solution, you can create a WiFi hostspot with the same SSID and password similar to the old network. The android box will take it as old network due to same network details and connects automatically.Once it connect to the network, you can use Android TV app on your smartphone (Android/Iphone) to alter the wi-fi connection.

In this case you need two devices – one smartphone for handling TV box Via App and one pc or smartphone for creating a hotspot. For the purpose of creating hotspot, you can use Windows, Mac or a smartphone. Iphone is inconvenient for this purpose because it won’t let you change the WiFi network name.

To make this process easier, I would use two smartphones, one for creating hotspot and another for handling Android TV. Wifi name and password both are case sensitive, so you make sure creating the correct values. To enable hostpost in your phone, Go to Settings in your phone>>locate Mobile hotspot and Tethering. Turn it ON and put the credentials (hotpost name & password).

change the credentials of hotspot

You are creating a hotspot with the same wifi name and password your android tv box was earlier connected with. This way your TV box will automatically connect to the Wifi hotspot we have created. Now we can use the Another smarphone as remote with the help of remote app installed in it.

Final Words:

So you have learned the way how to operate on android TV box if you lose the remote. The most convenient solution is using Android TV app in mobile and using it as remote. Another simplest method is using keyboard or mouse as per the availability everywhere. If your remote got lost in the home premise only, you can use the remote finder app. All these methods will be very useful if you lost your remote or forget to carry with yourself.

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