Methods to Fix Android TV Box Stuck in Recovery Mode

Are you trying to put android box in recovery mode but box is stuck in recovery mode? You reboot it again and again, but it goes back to the same recovery screen. You try all the options on the screen, but it still displays the same prompt message and you have no idea what you should do to fix this issue? Then I have the perfect solution to fix your Android Box stuck in Recovery Mode.

Methods to Fix Android TV Box Stuck in Recovery Mode:

There are multiple methods given in this guide to fix Android TV Box stuck in Recovery mode. You should try each and see for yourself which method works the best to solve your problem.

Method 1: Try Force Rebooting your device

A force restart is the most direct method to check if fixes your Android Box stuck in Recovery Mode. Different Android TV boxes have different ways of performing a force restart. One of the most common ways is by pressing the power button and holding it for a few seconds. After this, your device will automatically reboot. Check if it starts normally and if not carry on to the next method to fix Android Box stuck in recovery mode.

Method 2: Perform a Factory Reset

If the first method failed and your device is still in recovery mode, a factory reset might solve the problem. A factory reset will delete all your files and cache and reset your Android TV box back to its original factory settings. This method generally solves most of the problems faced by the device. Before proceeding to a factory reset, make sure you have a backup of all your files as a factory reset will delete them all. Now move forward with the steps involved for performing factory data reset.

  • First, turn off your Android TV box and unplug its power cable.
  • Then take a thin, fine, and non-conductive object such as a toothpick or a small screwdriver and insert it into the SPDIF or AV port found at the back of the box.
  • On inserting it, you should feel a tiny button. Press the button gently until it is fully pressed.
  • Keep it pressed and connect the power cable. Turn on your TV box and keep the button pressed until you see the boot logo on your TV screen.
  • Release the button immediately after the logo disappears.
  • Now, there are two possibilities. First, you will see the startup menu. Second, you will see the recovery screen.
  • If it is the first case, just continue with the startup menu and your problem is solved. If it is the second case, go to the bootloader menu and select the “wipe data” or “factory reset” option depending on your box brand.
  • Then select the “delete all user data” option. Use a mouse or a wireless keyboard to do these tasks.
  • Wait for your box to finish deleting all user data and files and reset itself.
  • Then select the “reboot system” option. Your box will restart in a few minutes in its original factory state.

With that, you have completed the factory data reset. If your device still boots into the recovery, you should try using the next method.

Method 3: Flash your Android TV box

If the previous method was not able to fix your Android TV box stuck in recovery mode, you can try flashing it with new firmware. One of the best ways to solve most of the problems faced by an Android TV box is to upgrade it. And to do that you will need to update its firmware. Firmware is the software in your TV box that manages its hardware. It is necessary to occasionally update your firmware to improve the performance of your device and keep it secure.

You can update your Android TV box firmware by flashing it with new firmware via an external storage device such as an SD card or a USB drive. Flashing overwrites the existing firmware in your device with a new one. Follow the steps below to fix android TV box stuck in recovery mode by flashing:

Steps to Flash Firmware:

To flash your Android TV box via your external device, you need to turn your external device into a bootable device by creating a bootable image of the new Android firmware (.img) on your external device. Several PC applications can do this. For this guide, we have chosen PhoenixCard Tool.

For flashing your Android TV box with the help of this tool, you will need an SD card. Before proceeding to the steps, turn off your Android TV box completely and unplug its power cord.

Also, back up all your SD card files and empty them fully as burning firmware to it will remove all its previous files. Now follow the steps below to burn a new firmware onto your android box

  • Download and install PhoenixCard Tool on your PC.
  • Download the appropriate firmware on your PC.
  • Connect an empty SD card to your PC using a card reader. Make sure no other external storage device is connected to your PC.
  • Launch PhoenixCard.
  • Click on the “Image File” button, select the firmware file and click “Open”.
  • Click on the “Burn” button and wait for a few minutes till the firmware is burned to your SD card.
  • You will see a message saying that burning was successful. Take out the card from your PC and insert it into your Android TV Box.
  • Turn on your box. Its indicator light should start flashing, indicating that your TV box is being flashed.
  • After the light stops flashing, turn it off and unplug your box and remove the SD card.
  • Turn on your box and wait patiently for it to start with the new updates.

NOTE: Take utmost care in selecting the right firmware for your Android TV box. An incompatible firmware might permanently damage your box. Always choose only that firmware that is made for the model of your TV box.

Sometimes, an older firmware might help in solving your problem. You can try it if the new firmware fails.

Method 4: Format your external device to FAT32

Sometimes the flashing process might abort halfway through and once again you find your android TV box stuck in recovery mode. In that case, you can try formatting your external storage device to FAT32 and then retry with the steps given in the 3rd section.

The FAT32 file system is the oldest. It is one of the most versatile and widely used file systems and is compatible with all operating systems. So, formatting your external device to FAT32 and then proceeding to flash your Android TV box should most likely not cause any problem.

Method 5: Call the Manufacturer

If none of the above steps fixes your android TV box stuck in recovery mode. Then there is certainly something wrong with the device itself. Then you will have to take your device to its manufacturer for solving your problem. Most Android TV boxes come with a warranty period of 1 year, during which most of your problems can be solved without any hassle-free of cost. So, check that before you go to the service office.

Wrapping Up:

There are many other ways by which you can fix this Android TV box stuck in recovery mode error. But, the solutions mentioned above are good enough to fix the current problem you are facing, and if none of it works, neither will anything else. So, it is better to take it to the customer care office instead of searching for more fixes online. That was all about the best methods to fix the Android TV box stuck in recovery mode. If this article helped you in fixing your problem don’t forget to share it with your knowns.

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