Android TV Box Not Working: Ways to Fix it

Android TV Box is an awesome invention that can be use with TV. You can use it to stream and download videos, watch movies, browse the internet, go to social media, play games, and so on. But, what will you do if you face issues like Android TV box not working properly? How do you know what kind of problems can it possibly face? And where can you find ways to fix the Android TV box not working? Read on to find out.

Reasons for Android TV Box not Working

Below are some of the common reasons why your Android TV box is not working:

Internet connection problems

Generally, the most common problem faced by Android TV boxes is internet connectivity. There can be several reasons for this problem, including:

  • Excessive DNS cache: DNS cache is a location in the Android TV box memory which temporarily stores recently visited data and files, enabling you to load them faster the next time you browse the internet. However, too many DNS cache files can slow down the internet speed. There is a limit to the cache size up to which it can help enhance the internet speed. If the cache data exceeds this size limit, it would consume too much space, decreasing the performance and speed.
  • Cable Issues: Poor connection of cables and improper distance between the WiFi router and the Android TV box
  • Poor internet service: If you are experiencing slow internet, the reason can be the source of your network, i.e., your internet service provider. There could be signal disruption in your area which your internet service provider might not be aware of.
  • Or a defective router

Power Source problems

Another one of the most common reasons due to which you are facing issues like the Android TV box not working is its power sources. The problem can arise due to:

  • Battery: Misplaced or defective battery will prevent your box from working.
  • Stuck buttons: Buttons that are stuck at the bottom and unable to pop up might prevent the box from starting up.
  • Adaptor or plug problems: A dusty adaptor might not function properly. A damaged adaptor, a damaged power switch, or a loose connection of the power plug to the socket could also be preventing your TV box from starting. Also, if your box is receiving its power from a secondary source like a desktop or a laptop, that power might not be sufficient for it to start.

Excess Data, Files, and Application Cache

This can also be the reason for problems like Android TV box not working smoothly. It is possible that it is filled with too much data and files which consume a lot of memory and ultimately degrade its performance. Application cache, just like DNS cache, can drastically slow down your device and degrade its performance if it is full of unwanted data and files.

  • Problem with Android TV box

If you are experiencing none of the above problems yet your Android TV box is not functioning properly, then the problem might lie in the box itself. Your box might have some internal problems.

How to fix Android TV Box not Working?

Now, the different problems having been stated. Let us now focus on how to fix such issues with solutions.

Fix the Internet Connectivity

If your Android TV box is facing internet issues, first of all, check the internet speed by running a speed test. 2-10 Mbps should be the ideal download speed in most cases. If you are getting a slower speed, then you are probably having internet issues.

How to Fix Internet Connetivity Issues:

  • Clear the DNS cache: To clear your DNS cache, you can either go to your local browser and clear all browsing data and cache. Then go to “Settings” > “Apps” > “Storage”, select you’re the app you’re using, and then go to “Storage” > “Clear Cache”.
Clear the DNS cache
Clear the DNS cache
  • If the problem persists, unplug your Wi-Fi router from all connections and clean its ports and wire. Plug it in and check the internet connectivity. Also, ensure that your LAN cable is working fine and is firmly connected. You should also check the distance of your router from your Android TV box.
  • Contact your ISP: If you still have connectivity issues after doing the above steps, call your internet service provider and enquire about any signal disruption in your area.
  • If none of of this works, then your router could be defective. Call the manufacturer if it’s within warranty or you can also purchase a new router online.

Check power source

Sometimes, a soft reset is all that is required to start your Android TV box. Just press its power button for at least 15 seconds. Your box will undergo a soft reset and should start automatically.

  • Check the battery: If your box does not start after the above step, take out the battery for a few seconds and put it back on properly. Get a new battery if it is found to be defective.
  • Check for stuck buttons: Check if any button is stuck in the depressed position, including the power button. If there is any, use a pin to remove whatever is causing the button to be stuck.
see if the button is stuck in the android tv box
  • If the problem persists, unplug your adaptor, clean it and wait for a few minutes. Then Plug it in firmly. Do the same for your TV power cord. Repair or replace them if found defective.
  • If your box is receiving power from a secondary source, it would be better to unplug it from that source and plug it into a wall socket.

Clear your Application cache of all apps

If your device is not functioning well or working slowly, the problem could lie with excessive unwanted files in your system. To clear your application cache, go to “Settings” > “More settings” > “Apps”, select an app, and click “Clear Cache”. Repeat this for other apps.

clear cache

Do a Factory Reset

If none of the above solutions works, then a factory reset might be the ultimate solution to all your problems. It will delete all your files and cache and reset your Android TV box back to its original factory settings.

Before proceeding to a factory reset, make sure you have a backup of all your files as a factory reset will delete them all. If your box is under warranty, then it is recommended to take it to the manufacturer for fixing your problems.

How to Factory Reset Android TV Box:

  • First, unplug the power cable’ from your box.
  • Then insert a toothpick or a thin screwdriver into the ‘SPDIF or AV port’ found at the back of the box.
  • On inserting it, you would feel a small button.
  • Press the button gently till it’s fully pressed.
  • Keep it pressed and plug the ‘power cable’ into your box.
  • Switch on your TV and keep the button pressed until you see the ‘boot logo.’
  • Release the button immediately after the ‘logo disappears.’
factory reset android tv box
  • Now, there are two possibilities. First, you will see the startup menu. Second, you will come across the Android Recovery screen.
  • In either case, go to the bootloader menu and select the wipe data/factory reset option.
  • Then select the “delete all user data” option. Use a mouse or a wireless keyboard for these tasks.
wipe data from android tv box
  • Wait for your box to finish deleting all user data and files and reset itself.
  • Then select the reboot device option. Your box will restart in a few minutes in its original factory state.
select boot device

Call the manufacturer

If none of the above steps works, take your device to its manufacturer and get it repaired. Most Android TV boxes come with a warranty period of 1 year, during which most of your problems can be solved. If your box is older than that, you might incur certain repair charges.

Read the user’s manual

Before proceeding to the solutions, always make sure you read the user manual of your box where the solutions to most of these problems are given in detail.


That was all for this guide. I hope it was helpful for you in fixing Android TV Box not working. If you are still facing any issues related to this, feel free to comment down below. We will make sure all your problems can be attended at the earliest. Also, don’t forget to comment about your experience while facing similar problems.

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