Android TV Box Freezing on Start-up Fix

Our discussion topic will be how to fix the freezing issue on your Android TV Box in this article. We will provide you with some of the most straightforward solutions that you can go through to select your box efficiently.

Before diving in deep, let us take a look at the reasons as to why this issue happens in the first place in the Android TV Box.

Reasons for freezing on Start-up

There can be plenty of reasons as to why your Android TV Box could be freezing. There are three primary reasons: your internet, router distance, and how long you use your android tv box.

Let us visit each of the reasons in brief.

Poor Internet Connection

  • One of the most common issues for the freezing of Android TV Boxes is related to your internet connection speed.
  • Android TV Boxes are primarily used for streaming purposes, and for that, a fast and stable internet connection is a must.
  • Having less than 10 MBPS of internet speed can cause you issues.
  • For the best performance, try to get at least more than 20 MBPS of high internet to ensure no freezing.
  • Use the pre-installed app called Speed Test to test the internet speed of your Android TV Box.

Distance between Router and Box

  • This is a very subtle issue and happens more often than you might be thinking.
  • Try to keep your modem or your Wi-Fi router as close to your Android TV Box as possible.
  • A considerable distance between your Android TV Box and your router can be causing the freezing issue during your start-up.

Accumulation of Cache

  • Keeping your Android TV Box turned ON for an extended period of time can cause it to accumulate cache.
  • The cache hampers the performance of your Android TV Box in a significant way.
  • Always ensure to clear the cache in your Android TV Box.
  • We have given a solution for this down below. Do check it out if you think this might be the reason that’s causing the issue.

Now that you understand what might be causing the freezing issue in the first place, we are in the position to jump to the solutions.

Bad firmware

This can happen over the time you download new types of apps and games on your devices. Some files that you download may contain some malware that corrupts your Android TV box’s Firmware.

If this happens, you have to either update the firmware or complete your Android TV Box by flashing it. We have covered both the methods in detail down below.

Methods for Android TV Box Freezing on Start-up Fix:

There are plenty of easy methods to fix the freezing on start-up issue of your Android TV Box. We have covered almost all of the important ones in this tutorial.

Method #1: Reset your Android TV Box

Most of the time, a simple reset is more than enough to fix the freezing at start-up problem. Follow these quick steps to reset your Android TV Box.

  • Pull out the main power cable from the back.
  • Use a thin toothpick and insert it into the AV hole of your Android TV Box.
  • Keep inserting it further down until you hear a click sound.
  • The sound indicates that the button has been pressed down.
  • Now keeping the pin still inside, plug back in the power cable.
  • Keep the pin in for a few seconds, and a booting screen will appear.
  • Choose the Wipe data/factory reset option and restart your Android TV Box

This method is known to fix most of the Android TV Box problems. But, if the freezing is still happening, you can use the other ways mentioned down below.

Method #2: Update the firmware

If resetting your Android TV Box didn’t help, then you will get fresh firmware for your box. You will have to update the system of your Android TV Box by contacting fresh firmware installing.

This can be done through an SD card.

  • Follow all the steps from the first method till the wipe data step.
  • Then go for the Update From Ext option in the next screen
  • Insert an SD that has firmware installed in it (there’s a dedicated article on how to do this on our blog)
  • Then select the Apply update from the SD card option
  • After completing the installation procedure, select the Reboot option

That should be enough to update your firmware. With a brand new firmware, there shouldn’t be any more freezing issues on your Android TV Box.

Method #3: Clear the cache

The cache is the memory that gets accumulated inside your Android TV Box’s storage due to prolonged usage over a long time. Luckily there is a quick way to fix it.

Follow these steps to clear your cache:

  • From the HOME Menu, select Settings
  • Click on the Storage option
  • Select Cache memory
  • Select Yes when prompted to clean your cache memory

Now, this should be enough to clear the cache memory of your Android TV Box. Now reboot your box and see if the freeze on startup issue was fixed.

Method #4: Flash your Android TV Box

This is the ultimate solution to any Android TV Box problem, and you should only try this one after trying all the methods above, and nothing still happened.

This method is slightly complex than the other methods, but we have put in a simple to digest way for you. Just follow the steps exactly as mentioned below:

  • Click here to view the list of the available firmware for your Android TV Box
  • Identify your chip type and download the appropriate firmware pack
  • Unzip the firmware pack using any free tool and extract the image file
  • Connect your PC to your Android TV Box and click on Recover in the SP Flash Tool
  • Click Update to finish the process
  • Unplug your Android TV Box and start it

You have now successfully flashed your Android TV Box, and you should now be having absolutely no freezing issues on your system. Your Android TV must be in a brand new condition now.

Conclusion – Final Words

And with the last method, we come to an end of our guide. We hope you were able to fix the freezing issue of your Android TV Box. If one way doesn’t work, try to go for the other one.

We tried to cover almost every possible method. We hope it was simple enough for you to follow through till the end.

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